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Java 7 compiler performance degradation



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        J2SE Version (please include all output from java -version flag):

        Does this problem occur on J2SE 1.5 or 6ux? Yes / No (pick one)

        Operating System Configuration Information (be specific):
        64-bit Linux

        Bug Description:

        Have a large body of inter-dependent code that is built all at once via
        Ant's <javac> task and via the JDK itself in the end. Moreover use their
        own annotation processor to generate numerous classes that are part of
        this compilation.

        Java 6 took 3 minutes and 39 seconds for this.

        Java 7 took 36 minutes 50 seconds.

        This performance degradation issue would stop customer to move to building
        with Java 7.

        Steps to Reproduce (be specific):

        it is really difficult to provide a simple test case to reproduce issues as
        the source and dependencies are sizable and the annotation processor is complex
        unless they ship all of those above along.

        Here is the list of their observations on 7u2 on 64-bit Linux:

            * With minor changes, the code body in question compiles with source level
              1.7 and Java 7. This is good news.

            * Furthering the "good news", Java 7 drops the annoying non-error "symbol
              not found" errors Java 6 produces for each ungenerated generated file

            * Java 7 also gets through the annotation processing rounds much quicker
              than Java 6. (It's my opinion the compiler is pretty much eliding all
              compilation save the running of my processors and the acknowledgement
              that my processors are producing files, which not only gives the appearance
              of being faster, but also of making it possible to not report errors)

            * For the same compiler settings (-Xmx2048m -XX:MaxPermSize=370m
              Java 7 takes nearly 37 minutes to go from ant "clean" to "all".
              This is a task Java 6 completes in 3 1/2 minutes (or less). J
              ava 7 is 10x slower to compile than Java 6!!! This, clearly, is bad news.

            * Additionally, Java 7 repeats warnings. It is not surprising that the
              same warnings propagate between rounds, what is surprising is that
              the final round repeats warnings and that the total warning count is
              the accumulation of every printing. Specifically, javac reports 16
              warnings when it should only print 8. The final round consists of 10
              printed warnings of which 2 warnings are actually duplicated. The
              remaining six consist of the same two warnings printed during each round.
              It's annoying, but innocuous, that the compiler would report warnings incorrectly.

            * We can get sub-3:00 compile times bumping -Xmx from 2048m to 4096m with Java 7.
              The compiler's clearly spinning in garbage collection... It's unclear
              that all our developers can commit that much RAM to the compiler, though.

            * It turns out 2.5GB of heap gives a time of ~5 minutes and 3GB gives a time of ~3.
              suspect we should be able to swing at least 2.5GB at the problem.

        Given this it seems fairly clear that the big issue is the Java 7 compiler requires
        much more memory to perform well for this use case. The engineer examining this
        issue further speculates based on the observations above that Java 7 delays all
        compilation until after all annotation processing rounds have completed -- thereby
        allowing annotation processors to resolves as many errors as possible prior to
        compilation, but requiring much more memory for the final compilation pass.

        Eclipse's "Indigo" SR1 (3.7.1) supports Java 7 and can be invoked from Ant's
        <javac> as well, so that's another possibility.


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