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        Charles Nutter reports:

        I can reproduce this by running a fairly normalish command in JRuby:


        I think it's happening at an OutOfMemory event (bumping up memory
        makes it go away), so it may not be a critical issue, but I thought
        I'd toss it out here.

        I do not...but it appears to be tied to getting an OOM when inside lambda code.

        We now have a third-party report of the same issue. Because the
        internal error appears to nuke the original exception, we don't know
        for sure that this is memory-related, but the user did see *other*
        threads raise OOM and increasing memory solved it.

        So...there's two things that are bad things here...

        * More memory required when running with indy versus without, all
        other things kept constant (reproduced by two people, one of them me)
        * InternalError bubbling out and swallowing the cause (reproduced by
        the same two people)...this may count as two issues.

        My original reproduction did not appear to fire on Java 8, but it also
        appeared to run it's possible that we were at a specific
        memory threshold (permgen? normal heap? meatspace?) or Java 8 may be
        failing more gracefully.

        Feel free to discuss or offer suggestions to Alex on the bug report
        above. I will be monitoring.


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