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Andre's conformance bugs with hg tip fa491b75d3e4


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: P3
    • Resolution: Won't Fix
    • Affects Version/s: 9
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: core-libs
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      This is an umbrella bug for issues reported by Andre @ nashorn-dev list. We need to triage each and file subtasks as needed. His email content here:


      Some more compliance issues...

      - André

      jjs> JSON.parse('{"a":0,"b":1}', function(p,v){print("p:"+p+"-"+v); if(p=="a"){this.b = Object.create({c:0})} return v})

      Expected: property "c" not visited
      Actual: property "c" visited

      jjs> JSON.parse('{"a":0,"b":1}', function(p,v){print("p:"+p+"-"+v); if(p=="a"){var arr=[123]; arr.x = 456; this.b=arr} return v})

      Expected: property "x" not visited
      Actual: property "x" visited

      jjs> JSON.parse('{"a":0,"b":1}', function(p,v){print("p:"+p+"-"+v); if(p=="a"){ this.b = {get x(){print("456"); return null}, set x(_){print("whoa")}} } return v})

      Expected: "whoa" not printed
      Actual: "whoa" printed

      jjs> JSON.parse('{"a":0,"b":1}', function(p,v){print("p:"+p+"-"+v); if(p=="a"){ this.b=Object.defineProperty({},"0",{value:123,enumerable:1}) } return (p!="0"?v:456) }).b[0]

      Expected: returns 123
      Actual: returns 456

      jjs> JSON.stringify({get x(){print("getter called")}}, ["x", "x"])

      Expected: "getter called" appears once
      Actual: "getter called" appears twice

      jjs> JSON.parse('[0,]')

      Expected: JSON SyntaxError
      Actual: No SyntaxError

      jjs> JSON.parse('{"a":0,}')

      Expected: JSON SyntaxError
      Actual: No SyntaxError

      jjs> JSON.stringify({},[],new Number(Infinity))

      Expected: no ClassCastException
      Actual: ClassCastException thrown

      jjs> JSON.stringify({},[],(n = new Number(0), n.valueOf = function(){throw "blubb"}, n))

      Expected: "blubb" is thrown
      Actual: no exception

      jjs> JSON.stringify({},[],(n = new String(""), n.toString = function(){throw "blubb"}, n))

      Expected: "blubb" is thrown
      Actual: no exception

      jjs> (function f(a){ Object.defineProperty(arguments,"0",{get value(){print("arrrgh")}}) })(0)

      Expected: "arrrgh" printed once
      Actual: "arrrgh" printed twice

      jjs> new RegExp({toString:function(){print("str1")}},{toString:function(){print("str2")}})

      Expected: "str1" and then "str2"
      Actual: "str2" and then "str1"

      jjs> new RegExp(/asdf/, {toString:function(){throw "blubb"}})

      Expected: throw TypError instead of "blubb"
      Actual: "blubb" is thrown

      jjs> "use strict"; Object.defineProperty(Object.defineProperty(/a/.exec("a"),"0",{configurable:0}), "length", {value:0}).length

      Expected: throws TypeError
      Actual: returns 0

      jjs> try{Object.defineProperty(a=[],"length",{writable:false, value:-1})}catch(e){}

      Expected(?): a can still perform bulk ops
      Actual: IS_LENGTH_NOT_WRITABLE flag is set for a

      jjs> (function(a){ Object.defineProperty(arguments,"0",{get configurable(){a=3; return true}, get:function(){return 2}}); return [a,arguments[0]] })(0)

      Expected: returns array [3,2]
      Actual: returns array [0, 3]

      jjs> Object.defineProperties(Object.defineProperty({},"a",{configurable:false}),{get a(){print("a");return{get value(){return 0}}},get b(){print("b");return{}}})

      Expected: prints "a" and "b" then throws TypeError
      Actual: prints "a" then throws TypeError

      jjs> Object.defineProperty({},"foo",{get configurable(){print("get configurable")}, get value(){print("get value")}, get get(){print("get get")}})

      Expected: prints "get configurable", "get value", "get get" and then TypeError
      Actual: immediately throws TypeError

      jjs> [1,2,3].splice(0)

      Expected: returns [1,2,3] for web compat
      Actual: returns []

      jjs> "0" in Array.prototype.slice.call(Object.create({length: 1}), 0, 1)

      Expected: returns false
      Actual: returns true

      jjs> [0].map(function(){ return this === (1,eval)("this") }, null)

      Expected: returns [true]
      Actual: returns [false]

      jjs> Object.defineProperty(Boolean.prototype, "length", {configurable:true, get:function(){obj=this; return 1}})[0] = "blubb"
      jjs> Array.prototype.reduce.call(false, function(a,b,i,o){print("same:"+(obj===o))}, 0)

      Expected: prints "same:true"
      Actual: prints "same:false"

      jjs> Object.defineProperty({},"",{get writable(){print("w")}, get enumerable(){print("e")}, get configurable(){print("c")}, get value(){print("v")}})

      Expected: order is "e c v w"
      Actual: order is "c e w v"

      jjs> Object.defineProperty({},"",{get enumerable(){print("e")}, get configurable(){print("c")}})

      Expected: order is "e c"
      Actual: order is "c e"

      jjs> Object.defineProperty({},"",{get enumerable(){print("e")}, get configurable(){print("c")}, get get(){print("g")}, get set(){print("s")}})

      Expected: order is "e c g s"
      Actual: order is "c e g s"

      jjs> Object.defineProperty([], "length", {value:{valueOf:function(){Object.prototype.get = 0; return 0}}})

      Expected: no TypeError
      Actual: throws TypeError

      jjs> Object.defineProperty(a=[1,2,3], "length", {value:{valueOf:function(){a[5] = 0; Object.seal(a); return 3}}})

      Expected: TypeError is thrown
      Actual: no TypeError

      jjs> Object.defineProperty(a=[0], "length", {value:{valueOf:function(){Object.defineProperty(a,1,{get:function(){return -1}}); return 1}}})[1]

      Expected: throw TypeError
      Actual: returns -1 and array invariant violation

      jjs> Object.prototype.get = 0; Object.defineProperty([],0,{__proto__: null, value:1})

      Expected: returns array [1]
      Actual: TypeError is thrown

      jjs> Object.defineProperty([],"length",{value:{valueOf:function(){print("asdf"); return 0}}}).length

      Expected: print "asdf" twice
      Actual: "asdf" is printed only once

      jjs> def = function(o,i){return Object.defineProperty(o,i,{configurable:true, get:function(){print("getter:"+i); o.length=0; return void 0}})}
      jjs> def(def([1,2,3],0),1).concat([])

      Expected: don't print "getter:1"
      Actual: "getter:1" is printed

      jjs> def = function(o,i){return Object.defineProperty(o,i,{configurable:true, get:function(){o.length=0; return void 0}})}
      jjs> "1" in def(def([1,2,3],0),1).concat([])

      Expected: returns false
      Acual: returns true

      jjs> Array.prototype.pop.call(Object.defineProperty({},"length",{get:function(){java.util.Objects.requireNonNull(null)}}))

      Expected(?): don't swallow ClassCastExceptions and NullPointerExceptions in Array.prototype.pop et al.
      Actual: throws a TypeError

      jjs> [].shift.call(o={length:2, 0:0}); "0" in o

      Expected: returns false
      Actual: returns true

      jjs> "0" in [].slice.call({length:1})

      Expected: returns false
      Actual: returns true

      jjs> Object.defineProperty([],0,{get:function(){print("ggett")}}).unshift(1)

      Expected: "ggett" printed and then TypeError thrown
      Actual: returns 2

      jjs> [].indexOf(null, {valueOf:function(){throw "not reached"}})

      Expected: returns -1
      Actual: throws "not reached"

      jjs> String.prototype.charAt.call({toString:function(){print("toStr")}}, {valueOf:function(){print("valueOf")}})

      Expected: first "toStr" and then "valueOf" printed
      Actual: "valueOf" and then "toStr" printed

      jjs> String.prototype.charCodeAt.call({toString:function(){print("toStr")}}, {valueOf:function(){print("valueOf")}})

      Expected: first "toStr" and then "valueOf" printed
      Actual: "valueOf" and then "toStr" printed

      jjs> "aa aa".match(/\b/g).length

      Expected: returns 4
      Actual: returns 6
      (Note: spec bug https://bugs.ecmascript.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1467)

      jjs> "aa aa".replace(/\b/g, "c")

      Expected: returns "caac caac"
      Actual: returns "caacc caacc"
      (Note: spec bug https://bugs.ecmascript.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1467)

      NativeString#splitString(), line 884: Why LinkedList instead of ArrayList?

      jjs> "ababab".replace(/b/g, function(){return RegExp.leftContext})

      Expected: returns "aaaabaaababa" (web compat)
      Actual: returns "aaa"

      jjs> (r = /a/g, r.lastIndex = 0x100000000, r).test("a")

      Expected: returns false
      Actual: returns true

      jjs> parseFloat("2e2.")

      Expected: returns 200
      Actual: returns NaN

      jjs> parseInt("", {valueOf:function(){throw "blubb"}})

      Expected: throws "blubb"
      Actual: returns NaN

      jjs> parseInt("12345678901234567890", 10)+""

      Expected: 12345678901234567000
      Actual: 12345678901234570000

      jjs> (function f(){return eval("arguments"); var arguments})(); (function f(){return eval("arguments"); function arguments(){}})();
      jjs> (function (){return eval("arguments"); var arguments})(); (function (){return eval("arguments"); function arguments(){}})();
      java.lang.ClassCastException: Cannot cast jdk.nashorn.internal.scripts.JO1P0 to jdk.nashorn.internal.scripts.JO2P0

      (Execute both lines after each other in a fresh shell)

      Expected: return `function arguments(){}` for both lines
      Actual: first lines returns undefined and then ClassCastException


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