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On Linux AWT Robot can not press Shift, Control and Alt keys 2nd time



      On Linux the following behavior can be observed:

      1) Run the attached program to make the AWT robot press 'Shift' key.

      2) The robot presses Shift key, the program receives keyPressed event for the Shift key, then the program exits.

      3) Verify that after the program has exited, the Shift key in the terminal remains pressed. It is the correct behaviour.

      4) Press the Shift key manually in the terminal and verify that now the Shift key is not pressed.

      5) Run the program again. Now we have never receive the Shift key pressed event.

      6) On any subsequent runs we also never receive the Shift key pressed event from the robot.

      On Windows no such behavior can be observed and at 5) we do receive Shift key pressed event.

      We have some functional tests failing because of this issue on Linux (because they can not correctly emulate needed events due to this robot issue).

      The same holds true for Control and Alt keys.




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