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(tz) Embed tzdata2013h into the TZUpdater tool



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      The 2013h release of the tz code and data is available. It reflects
      the following changes, which were either circulated on the tz mailing
      list or are relatively minor technical or administrative changes:

        Changes affecting current and future time stamps:

          Libya has switched its time zone back to UTC+2 without DST,
          instead of UTC+1 with DST. (Thanks to Even Scharning.)

          Western Sahara (Africa/El_Aaiun) uses Morocco's DST rules.
          (Thanks to Gwillim Law.)

        Changes affecting future time stamps:

          Acre and (we guess) western Amazonas will switch from UTC-4 to UTC-5
          on 2013-11-10. This affects America/Rio_Branco and America/Eirunepe.
          (Thanks to Steffen Thorsen.)

          Add entries for DST transitions in Morocco in the year 2038.
          This avoids some year-2038 glitches introduced in 2013g.
          (Thanks to Yoshito Umaoka for reporting the problem.)

        Changes affecting API

          The 'tzselect' command no longer requires the 'select' command,
          and should now work with /bin/sh on more platforms. It also works
          around a bug in BusyBox awk before version 1.21.0. (Thanks to
          Patrick 'P. J.' McDermott.)

        Changes affecting code

          Fix localtime overflow bugs with 32-bit unsigned time_t.

          zdump no longer assumes sscanf returns maximal values on overflow.

        Changes affecting the build procedure

          The builder can specify which programs to use, if any, instead of
          'ar' and 'ranlib', and libtz.a is now built locally before being
          installed. (Thanks to Michael Forney.)

          A dependency typo in the 'zdump' rule has been fixed.
          (Thanks to Andrew Paprocki.)

          The Makefile has been simplified by assuming that 'mkdir -p' and 'cp -f'
          work as specified by POSIX.2-1992 or later; this is portable nowadays.

          'make clean' no longer removes 'leapseconds', since it's
          host-independent and is part of the distribution.

          The unused makefile macros TZCSRCS, TZDSRCS, DATESRCS have been removed.

        Changes affecting documentation and commentary

          tz-link.htm now mentions TC TIMEZONE's draft timezone service protocol
          (thanks to Mike Douglass) and TimezoneJS.Date (thanks to Jim Fehrle).

          Update URLs in tz-link page. Add URLs for Microsoft Windows, since
          8.1 introduces tz support. Remove URLs for Tru64 and UnixWare (no
          longer maintained) and for old advisories. SOFA now does C.

      Here are links to the release files:


      The files are also available via HTTP as follows:





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