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REGRESSION:jar files now take an extremely long time to load



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      J2SE Version (please include all output from java -version flag):

      Does this problem occur on J2SE 7ux? Yes / No (pick one)

      Operating System Configuration Information (be specific):
      Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1

      Hardware Configuration Information (be specific):
      HP EliteBook
      8G RAM

      Bug Description:
      Applications with lots of jar files now take an extremely long time to load.

      When start app, the splash screen comes up and then (if new jars were distributed) it will just sit there seemingly doing nothing for several seconds (up to a minute on some of our slower machines).

      Looking at the console, it appears to be checking the jar files for the attributes and such.
      If this is going to take this long, it would be nice if something would be presented to the user so that they know what is going on. Right now it looks like the application is broken.

      Have requested several times in the past that there be a way to easily add a download listener to the webstart DownloadService. There still is nothing.

      The only way to attach a listener seems to be at the time when a resources is specifically asked for. (As opposed to adding a general listener which would received events when any download is occuring.) Hopefully, if such a thing is ever created, it will also have events regarding the security checks.

      However, in this case, since this delay is new and affects all applications, it seems appropriate that some system window should appear and notify the users that webstart is "thinking" (or something). Now, it just looks like our application is hanging, and there doesn't seem to be anything can do about it.

      It doesn't even seems to be tied to the "lazy" jar.

      Steps to Reproduce (be specific):

      Going to http://uploader.hivelymennonite.org/support/uploader.jnlp shows this. Start the app, then click the "Import" button at the top. It
      will do nothing for a really long time as it checks the jar files. The jars are all eagerly downloaded.




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