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Javac allows timestamps inside rt.jar to affect compilation when using -sourcepath.


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      The preferredFileObject test in ClassReader.java makes a bad decision when using -sourcepath
      and when compiling sources for code that are part of the rt.jar.

      Thus the developers of jsr166, jaxp, jaxws and nashorn, do experience this problem when using

      Lets say that you have in src/alfa/A.java
          public class A { void a() { java.lang.Object.foo = 42; } }
      and in src/java/lang/Object.java
          public class Object { public static int foo; }

      You can now >>always<< compile using the following command:
      javac -d bin src/alfa/A.java src/java/lang/Object.java

      But you can only >>sometimes<< compile using the following command:
      javac -d bin -sourcepath src src/alfa/A.java

      (You can reproduce this yourself with the latest jdk7 release and
      "touch -d '2011-01-01' src/java/lang/Object.java")

      When it fails, javac has picked up java.lang.Object from rt.jar and
      not from the sourcepath. This happens when the timestamp inside rt.jar
      is newer than the source file. And this happens for example if you are quick
      upgrading to a new jdk and your sourcefile has not been touch for a few weeks.

      The test in preferredFileObject has to be fixed/amended/worked around in some way.
      It is not a good idea to have a weird dependency on timestamps inside rt.jar
      and the resulting compilation errors are extremely hard to understand.


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