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Fix AWT test bugs marked as 9-tofix-client and move corresponding tests to OpenJDK repository


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Open
    • Priority: P4
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 9
    • Fix Version/s: tbd
    • Component/s: client-libs
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      At first we need to find analogs for these tests in regression suites.
      For each test if no analogue presents we need to rewrite it to start using jtreg (if not yet) and move to OpenJDK repository.

      -- AWT_DesktopProperties/Automated/GNOME_Desktop_Properties/rfe4758438 taken by Dmitriy Ermashov
      -- AWT_Headless/Automated/Headless_BAT taken by Dmitriy Ermashov
      -- AWT_DnD/Clipboard/Automated/AddFlavorTest/AddFlavorTest.html taken by Dmitriy Ermashov
      -- AWT_Events/Automated/InvocationEventTest/InvocationEventTest.html taken by Dmitriy Ermashov
      -- AWT_Modality/Automated/ModalBlocking/NullModalityDialog - taken by A. Stepanov (JDK-8047367)
      -- AWT_Modality/Automated/PageDialog/ApplicationExcludeDialog - taken by A. Stepanov
      -- AWT_Modality/Automated/PageDialog/ApplicationExcludeFrame - taken by A. Stepanov
      -- AWT_Modality/Automated/PageDialog/ToolkitExcludeFrame - taken by A. Stepanov
      -- AWT_Modality/Automated/PrintDialog/ApplicationExcludeFrame - taken by A. Stepanov
      -- AWT_Modality/Automated/PrintDialog/ToolkitExcludeDialog - taken by A. Stepanov
      -- AWT_Modality/Automated/PrintDialog/ToolkitExcludeFrame - taken by A. Stepanov
      -- AWT_BAT/Automated/tiger/bat taken by Dmitriy Ermashov
      -- AWT_SystemTray/Automated/TrayIconMouseTest taken by Dmitriy Ermashov
      -- AWT_ShapedAndTranslucentWindows/Automated/DNR24ShapedTest taken by Dmitriy Ermashov
      -- AWT_ShapedAndTranslucentWindows/Automated/DNR26ShapedByAPITest taken by Dmitriy Ermashov
      -- AWT_ShapedAndTranslucentWindows/Automated/DNR27StaticallyShapedTest taken by Dmitriy Ermashov
      -- AWT_ShapedAndTranslucentWindows/Automated/DNR28TranslucentTest taken by Dmitriy Ermashov
      -- AWT_ShapedAndTranslucentWindows/Automated/DNR29ShapedTranslucentTest taken by Dmitriy Ermashov
      -- AWT_ShapedAndTranslucentWindows/Automated/PerPixelTranslucentCanvasTest taken by Dmitriy Ermashov
      -- AWT_ShapedAndTranslucentWindows/Automated/PerPixelTranslucentSwingTest taken by Dmitriy Ermashov
      -- AWT_ShapedAndTranslucentWindows/Automated/SetShapeAndClickAWTTest taken by Dmitriy Ermashov
      -- AWT_ShapedAndTranslucentWindows/Automated/SetShapeAndClickSwingTest taken by Dmitriy Ermashov
      -- AWT_ShapedAndTranslucentWindows/Automated/SetShapeDynamicallyAndClickAWTTest taken by Dmitriy Ermashov
      -- AWT_ShapedAndTranslucentWindows/Automated/SetShapeTest taken by Dmitriy Ermashov
      -- AWT_ShapedAndTranslucentWindows/Automated/TranslucentChoice taken by Dmitriy Ermashov
      -- AWT_ShapedAndTranslucentWindows/Automated/TranslucentJComboBox taken by Dmitriy Ermashov
      -- AWT_Events/Automated/Lw/MultipleMouseButtonTest/MultipleMouseButtonTest - taken by A. Stepanov (JDK-8043126)
      -- AWT_Events/Automated/AWT/MultipleMouseButtonTest/MultipleMouseButtonTest - taken by A. Stepanov (JDK-8043126)


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