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Deployment toolkit script failed to detect the environment in launching a JavaFX applet


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: P3
    • Resolution: Duplicate
    • Affects Version/s: 8u20
    • Fix Version/s: 8u20
    • Component/s: deploy


      *** Test Scenario:
      - Using the public dtfx toolkit script: http://java.com/js/dtjava.js
      - JavaFX applet requires fx: 2.2 and jvm: 1.7+
      (test variation: same problem occurred if test applet requires fx: 2.1 and jvm: 1.6+)
      - System has latest 7ux (7u60) and 8u20 installed

      *** Issue: Tested JavaFX applet loaded fine if only 7u60 installed, but it failed to load if both 7u60 and 8u20 installed (as deployment toolkit script unexpectedly asking for updating to a newer version of java)

      *** Test Configuration:
      - x64 Windows
      - 64-bit IE 9
      - Latest 64-bit 7u60-b19 and 64-bit 8u20-b15

      *** Steps to reproduce:
      0) On the above test configuration, uninstall all JREs from the system
      1) Install 64-bit jre 7u60-b19
      2) Add http://sqeweb.us.oracle.com into the Exception Site List
      3) Use 64-bit IE 9 to load the test JavaFX applet (requiring fx: 2.2 and jvm: 1.7+):


      4) Accept to run at the security dialog. Applet should be loaded
      5) Close the browser and install 64-bit jre 8u20-b15
      6) Use 64-bit IE 9 to load the same test applet in step#3

      + Expected:
      Applet should be loaded using installed 7u60 which satisfies the required condition

      + Actual: Deployment toolkit script displays the message :" A newer version of Java is required to view the content on this page. Click for Free Update" (See attached screenshot)

      The same problem occurred if test applet requires fx: 2.1 and jvm: 1.6+


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