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C1 NullCheckEliminator consumes a lot of time when dealing with large methods



      If you look how Hotspot compiles the Nashorn/Octane workloads, you will notice that C1 is spending a lot of time doing null-check elimination:

      At least in Nashorn case, it seems to be connected with large methods being compiled. If we instrument Optimizer::eliminate_null_check to see what are the basic block counts, and how much time we spent in NCE with that method, then we can see something like this:

      Notice how the NCE time grows with basic block count: it seems to be N^k (k > 1), where N is the number of basic blocks. The reason for that seems to be more iterations to find a fixed point in NCE computation, because a minute change in entire graph forces us to revisit a significant part of it. We therefore waste a lot of time optimizing large methods with C1, while we probably better off to bail-out doing NCE on them, and hand them over to C2 for aggressive compilation.


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