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JEP-JDK-8046155: Test task: cover existing


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        Develop test to cover existing functionality of Compiler Control.

        Documentation of the feature:

        VM help change:
         - Help text update thread: http://mail.openjdk.java.net/pipermail/hotspot-compiler-dev/2014-November/016357.html
         - webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~neliasso/8027829/webrev.07/

        Test should check:
         1. / , . :: usage. Valid/invalid method names
         2. * in the beginning and the end (valid), and in the middle (invalid)
         3. Full signature of the method
         4. \n separator and multiple commands
         5. Note that after parsing the commands passed on the command line using the -XX:CompileCommand options, the JIT compiler then reads commands from the .hotspot_compiler file.
         6. commands tests:
          break - TODO: check that VM is in a debug breakpoint in the start of the compilation
          compileonly - check that only specified method is compiled, and all others don't. Use WB for that
          dontinline - check that specified methods wasn't inlined. Parse -XX:+PrintInlining
          exclude - check all compiled except excluded methods
          inline - it says "Attempt to inline the specified method". Check that with -XX:-Inlining it doesn't inline methods. Parse -XX:+PrintInlining
          log - exclude logging for a set of methods, parse compilation log
          option - check that the passed option was printed by CompilerOracle.
          print - check that assembler code is printed for method that should be compiled, and doesn't for excluded
          quiet - simple check output for CompilerOracle messages.

           Test cases: [ command x \n x signature x '*'-patterns x /.,:: ]

         Existing tests: test/compiler/oracle/CheckCompileCommandOption.java -- checks that option command correctly parses arguments

         The same test cases as for CompileComand but written to the .hotspot_compiler file

         The same set with no wildcarding, check they are the only who compiled


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