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Assorted problems with type annotations on many language model elements.


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    • Affects Version/s: 8, 9
    • Fix Version/s: tbd_minor
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      These issues are found by using 9b60 JDK to run Java8ElementTests suite
      of ECJ: The assignee of this task may want to split the tasks into unit level
      tickets or in some cases close them as duplicates of existing defects.

      (Type is a type annotation)

      (1) Given the following snippet:

       @Deprecated @Type("m") String foo() {
        return null;

      if method is the ExecutableElement for foo(), then

      method.getReturnType().getAnnotation(Type.class) comes out as null.

      (2) Given,

      @Type("f") String _field = null;

      if field is the VariableElement for _field


      field.asType().getAnnotation(Type.class) comes out as null.

      (3) Given:

      public <@Type("mp1") T, @Type("mp2") U> void foo() {}

      and typeParam is the TypeParameterElement for T then

      typeParam.asType().getAnnotationMirrors() is 0, should be 1.

      (4) Same problem as (3) for a generic class's type parameter.

      (5) Given:

      public static void main(String[] args) {}

      if main is the ExecutableElement for main(), then

      main.getReceiverType() should not be null, but is null.

      I believe it should answer a type mirror which should return TypeKind.NONE for getKind().

      Likewise these assertions should not fail, but they do.

              ExecutableType type = (ExecutableType) main.asType();
              typeMirror = type.getReceiverType();
              assertNotNull("TypeMirror should not be null", typeMirror);
              assertSame("Should be no type", TypeKind.NONE, typeMirror.getKind());

      (6) Same problem as (5) for constructors seen with:

      public class X {
          public X(){}

      Also these assertions should not fail, but they do:

      (where constr is the ExecutableElement for the constructor)

              type = (ExecutableType) constr.asType();
              typeMirror = type.getReceiverType();
              assertNotNull("TypeMirror should not be null", typeMirror);
              assertSame("Should be no type", TypeKind.NONE, typeMirror.getKind());

      (7) Problem seen with repeating annotations on type parameter:

      @Target({ElementType.TYPE_USE, ElementType.TYPE_PARAMETER }) @interface MarkerContainer {Marker[] value();}
      @Repeatable(MarkerContainer .class)
      @Target({ElementType.TYPE_USE, ElementType.TYPE_PARAMETER }) @interface Marker {}

      class Test {
           <@Marker() @Marker() T> T foo() { return null; }

      public class TypeParameterTest {

      if tParam is the TypeParameterElement for foo()'s type variable T, then
      tParam.getAnnotationMirrors() returns nothing, it should return
      "@MarkerContainer(value=[@targets.model8.a.Marker, @targets.model8.a.Marker])"}

      (8) I found it difficult to come up with a test that without borrowing significant chunks of code
      from ECJ suites, so here is a description instead: If in round 0, a package-info.class gets
      generated, then the subsequent round's roundEnv.getRootElements() should contain the
      PackageElement, it does not seem to.

      (9) Given:

      package org.eclipse.jdt.compiler.apt.tests.annotations;
      import java.lang.annotation.Repeatable;

      public @interface Foo {
          // ...


      public @interface FooContainer {
          Foo [] value();

      some source being:

      public class JEP120_5 {
          @TFoo @TFoo @Foo String field;

      and field being the VariableElement that corresponds to field


      TypeMirror mirror = field.asType();
      annot = mirror.getAnnotation(TFooContainer.class);
      assertNotNull("Container missing", annot);

      this assertion fails.

      mirror.getAnnotationsByType(TFooContainer.class); is empty.

      mirror.getAnnotationsByType(TFoo.class); should return 2, but does not




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