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[macosx] Mac OS X Voice Over cursor doesn't track Swing keyboard focus



      - When running SwingSet2.jar from the command line the VO cursor follows keyboard focus until the focus moves out of the toolbar and into the client area.
      - When using the SwingSet2 menu system the VO cursor starts off on the first menu item but doesn't track focus when the arrow keys are used to move within a menu.
      - When running the browser plugin app, http://java.com/en/download/installed8.jsp, the VO cursor starts correctly at the Run button of the "Do you want to run this application?" dialog, but doesn't follow the keyboard focus when tab is pressed.
      - This seems to indicate there is something about the Swing focus system that is not being exposed to the OS X focus system.

      Note this is with VO set up in what I think is its default settings: initial position at focused item, VO tracks keyboard focus, mouse pointer ignores VO cursor, automatically interact when using tab key


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