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[PasswordField, InputMethods] restrict input possibilities



      On macOSX, there is no any possibility to type hieroglyphs, as password. You may see, that OS switch off any language except of english, when you type is password.

      In JavaFX you can type hieroglyphs in any text input control. Including passwordField. You can see, if you set up for instance chinese language, how you type english symbols, and appear popup, with candidates list (list of hieroglyphs), and starts to do conversion of english symbols to hieroglyphs.

      I also talked to Naoto Sato:

      Me: In JavaFX, we have PasswordField, and when you type english symbols,
      they are showed as points/starts (echo symbol). (symbols are now shown).
      But If I switch chinese language/keyboard layout, and start to type
      symbols, popup with hieroglyphs is shown. Is that correct for password

      Naoto: The bigger question is, do we want to allow input methods on
      PasswordFields? Currently, we allow it, but it is sort of useless (cf.
      http://javafx-jira.kenai.com/browse/RT-8986 <...>
      In Swing, we don't allow input method composition and I think that is a
      reasonable approach. I am not familiar with the recent FX code since
      2.0, but possible approach may be to disable listening to
      InputMethodEvents in PasswordField.


      I checked the situation on mac. But on other OSs, the situation, I believe, the same.


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