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[Accessibility, MacOS, VoiceOver, ComboBox, DatePicker] Editable ComboBox and DatePicker text fields: VoiceOver does not read characters



      On MacOS, the text field of an editable ComboBox does not act like a standard TextField using VoiceOver.

      Typing, Arrow keys, Selection, etc. does not invoke VoiceOver to read the characters.

      Reproducible: Always.
      0. Turn on VoiceOver (CMD-F5).
      1. Download jar with accessibility test samples from https://wiki.se.oracle.com/download/attachments/46472587/Hello.jar
      2. Execute ComboBox demo by java -cp Hello.jar hello.HelloComboBox
      3. Tab into or otherwise set the focus to an editable ComboBox. You should hear VoiceOver speaking the details of each ComboBox as the focus changes.
      4. Type characters, use Left/Right Arrow keys to traverse left and right, use Shift-Arrow keys to select characters.
      Expected result: Each of these actions should invoke VoiceOver to read the characters.

      Actual result: Nothing is spoken, but the edit caret moves appropriately and the selection highlighting is normal.

      In the DatePicker sample, the text field has a similar issue.

      However, in the ListView sample, the editable list rows appear to work OK with VoiceOver.

      Affected tests:
      RULE tests/voiceover/ComboBox any any
      RULE tests/voiceover/DatePicker any any




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