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JFXPanel + WebView - memory leak


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    • Affects Version/s: 8
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      Win7-64x, jdk 1.7.0_09, JavaFx 2.2.3.


      Hi JavaFX-team.

      I use javafx (webview) to work with googlemap in swing-application.
      I have some problems with memory leaks.

      In an attachment, a simple test application (written in IntelliJ IDEA community edition).

      Test 1 (SimpleMap - button) - View map without creating objects in java-js bridge.
      - Create JFXPanel, add there WebView. Display local html-page component google-map (taken from examples google-map).
      - Then simply scroll the map, panning and see the memory usage (in task manager). It will be about 400-500 MB.
      - Then remove from JFXPanel JPanel (Rem Map (Soft) - button). Also had to retire WebView. But the memory has not returned to previous levels.
      - Repeat the test. Only now remove JFXPanel, and then call Platform.exit () (Rem map (Hard) - button). Now it is impossible to create JFXPanel (Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.IllegalStateException: Platform.exit has been called). Enjoying the memory usage (task manager) - about 400 MB, watch size Java Heap - about 60 MB. Why after Platform.exit () does not return the memory occupied naitive libraries?

      Test-2 (Map with marker Managment - button) - View map detail, creating objects (markers) using java-js bridge.
      - There are two ways to transfer data via java-js bridge. The first is to pass in js a java-object directly (variable or plain array of variables) - "mapRef.call (" createMarker ", javaObject []);". Second, pull method js, which in turn causes a java-method and pass it JSObject, in this JSObject data will be inserted through the "setSlot ()".
      - Button "Add markers (direct plaun [])" - for the first method. Create 100 markers. This method consumes a lot of memory and slow.
      - Button "Add markers (callback js data)" - for the second method. It also creates a 100 markers. A cleaner and faster method, but the memory is also not returned.
      - Button "Del markes" - removes 100 markers by clik. After removal of the js-object memory is not returned.

      In my application, the memory usage goes up to 1.5GB for 1-2 hours and then the application dies.




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