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[Accessibility, Windows, MenuBar] In HelloMenu Sample, when using Left/Right Arrow keys to move along menu bar, the menu bar items are not spoken using JAWS or Narrator





      When using the L/R Arrow keys to move/highlight the menu bar items (headers), they are not spoken when using JAWS as a voice-over.

      When traversing the menu bar items, the first level list of each menu will be shown. Pressing Down Arrow takes the focus into the list of the highlighted menu.

      Now, using Up/Down Arrow keys to traverse the list, each list item is spoken with JAWS.

      If you press L/R Arrow it will leave that menu (unless you are going to a submenu) and speak "Leaving Menus".

      Now back at the top of the Menu Bar, the menu bar items are not spoken as you traverse along the Menu Bar using the Arrow keys.

      The same test using Notepad has JAWS speaking the menu bar items and the menu list items with no problem.

      NARRATOR (same exercise, slightly different results):

      On both Windows 7 and 8:
      Narrator voice-over will not speak the menu bar items or the list entries, just saying "Left Arrow", "Up Arrow", etc.

      Windows 7 only:
      On many occasions, when using Down Arrow to first enter a menu/submenu list, it will only say "Down Arrow" and not speak the entry.
      If it looks OK, press Left or Right Arrow to go to another menu and try Down Arrow. It usually starts this behavior quickly on my machine.
      When it gets in this faulty mode, it will stay like that until completely closing/exiting the menus.
      Problems when in the faulty mode:
      1. Not speaking first menu entry on pressing Down Arrow (mentioned above).
      2. Arrow down to a submenu. Press Right Arrow. The first submenu item is selected but is not spoken.
      3. When pressing Right-Arrow to enter a submenu, the selection will sometimes go to a random place in the original menu list (not the submenu list).
              It is as if Down-Arrow was pressed one or more times. However, "Right Arrow" is spoken.



      under "Menu".

      The HelloMenu Sample is run from Hello.jar as follows:

      java -cp Hello.jar hello.HelloMenu

      RULE tests/jaws/Menu any any
      RULE tests/narrator/Menu any any


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