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Tree selection: incorrect change notification of selectedItems



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Open
    • Priority: P4
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 8u60
    • Fix Version/s: tbd
    • Component/s: javafx
    • Environment:

      8u60b5, win7


      Stumbled across a couple of issues.

      The example below is basically the same as RT-40010, with the added option to replace the selected child. To reproduce the variants of incorrect notification, run the example and notice the output.

      Issue A: the type of event on removing all children is incorrect, we expect a replaced but get an added
      - select a child,
      - press delete to remove all children:
      - root is selected and selectedItems fired single event (RT-40010 fixed)
      - expected: the type of change must be replaced
      - actual: the type of change is added

      Issue B: no event fired on replacing the selectedItem
      - press a several times to add children
      - select the first child
      - press r to replace the selected child
      - selection moved to next child (arguable, but a different issue)
      - expected: selectedItems must fire a replaced
      - actual: selectedItems fire not at all

      Issue C: incorrect number and type of events on shift-up/down
      - press a several times to add children
      - select any child
      - press shift-up/down to move selection around
      - expected (same as pressing up/down): a single event of type replaced (correct for up/down)
      - actual: two events of type added

      - A seems to be a variant of missing removed notification (already known/reported, but can't find it right now),
      - B might be a regression (more a wild guess because I don't remember seeing it before 8u60),
      - C looks like a mix of A and the implementation of alsoSelectNext/Prev in TreeViewBehaviour: it's a two-step algorithm that first clears the selection outside, then selects - thus producing two events

       * still open:
       * - type of event on removeAll: only added for root, no removed for child
       * - replace selected item: no event at all
       * - shift-select: two added for the replacing child, no removed for old child
      public class TreeViewSelection_40010 extends Application {

          public void start(final Stage primaryStage) throws Exception {
              final VBox box = new VBox();
              final Scene scene = new Scene(box);
              final TreeView<String> treeView = getTreeView();

              // remove all children
              scene.getAccelerators().put(new KeyCodeCombination(KeyCode.DELETE), () -> {
                  treeView.getRoot().getChildren().removeIf(item -> true);
              // replace selected
              scene.getAccelerators().put(new KeyCodeCombination(KeyCode.R), () -> {
                  TreeItem<?> old = treeView.getSelectionModel().getSelectedItem();
                  int childIndex = treeView.getRoot().getChildren().indexOf(old);
                  if (childIndex < 0) return;
                  treeView.getRoot().getChildren().set(childIndex, createTreeChild());
              // add child
              scene.getAccelerators().put(new KeyCodeCombination(KeyCode.A), () -> {
              // print selectedItems
              scene.getAccelerators().put(new KeyCodeCombination(KeyCode.G), () -> {
                  final MultipleSelectionModel<TreeItem<String>> selectionModel = treeView.getSelectionModel();

          private TreeView<String> getTreeView() {
              final TreeItem<String> root = createTreeItem("root ");

              final TreeView<String> treeView = new TreeView<String>(root);
      // treeView.setSelectionModel(new SimpleTreeSelectionModel<>(treeView));
              treeView.getSelectionModel().getSelectedItems().addListener((final Change<? extends TreeItem<String>> c) -> {
                  System.out.println("--- change on selectedItems: " + c);
      // FXUtils.prettyPrint(c);
              return treeView;

          private int count;
          private TreeItem<String> createTreeChild() {
              return createTreeItem("child ");
          private TreeItem<String> createTreeItem(String text) {
      // return new TreeItemX<>(text + count++);
              return new TreeItem<>(text + count++);
          public static void main(final String[] args) {


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