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Clipped node seems to get Opacity value applied twice making it half as bright as expected



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 8
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    • Component/s: javafx
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      JDK 8 build b76 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit


      I'm working on a visualization where Nodes are perspective transformed, have reflections and those reflections are clipped to prevent them from fading into each other.

      I seem to have found a regression when it comes to how Opacity is applied as I didn't see this in the 2.2 branch.

      What I'm seeing is this:

      I have a Node, that has an opacity of 0.5. This node has a PerspectiveTransform applied to it with a Reflection as the input for the PerspectiveTransform. It also has a Clip applied to it, which allows most of the node to get rendered apart from maybe a part of the Reflection. When the Clip is applied, the apparent Opacity of the node seems to be more like 0.25 instead of 0.5 (when visually compared with a Node that really has 0.5 Opacity). The higher I set the Opacity, the less the change is noticable, and in fact at 1.0 Opacity, no change is visible at all with or without the Clip -- this leads me to believe the Opacity is applied twice somehow in the presence of the Clip, perhaps in combination with the effects applied.

      Unfortunately, I have been unable to isolate the problem. A simple test case with a PerspectiveTransform and Reflection, a simple Clip and some nodes at 0.5 Opacity does not exhibit the same problem. I have ruled out that it is not a specific control (ie, it occurs with TreeCells containing an ImageView graphic just as readibly as with TreeCells having a Button as their graphic).

      I'm still working on getting a test case, and I'll add it here if I managed to create one. I do have a fairly isolated example of 5 classes ~1000 lines of code that can show the problem (the difficulty of making a small example lies in the fact that this is a TreeViewSkin in which it occurs).




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