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[Accessibility, MacOS, VoiceOver, TabPane] On Mac in a TabPane, when selecting a tab from the Overflow Popup, the previously selected tab is voiced.



      Reproducible: always
      Steps to reproduce:
      0. Start VoiceOver (CMD-F5).
      1. Execute TabPane demo: java -cp Hello.jar hello.HelloTabPane
      2. Use the mouse to shrink the window horizontally until only four tabs are showing. The Overflow Button should now be visible.
      3. Set focus on Tab 1.
      4. Use right arrow to move focus to the second tab ("Longer Tab").
      5. Use mouse to click on the Overflow Button.
      6. Use Down Arrow to enter the submenu and set focus on Tab 3 (with a heart graphic).
      7. Press CMD-OPTION-Space to select the Tab 3 submenu entry.

      Expected result: The submenu will close, VoiceOver will say "Closing menu, Tab 3, selected, tab, 3 of 11".
      Actual result: The submenu will close, VoiceOver will say "Closing menu, Longer Tab, tab, 2 of 11".

      - Space or Enter can be used in Step 7. VoiceOver will simply skip the "Closing menu" part of the speech.
      - The mouse can be used for this entire process, but sometimes things start working correctly when using the mouse (interesting tidbit).
      RULE tests/voiceover/TabPane any any




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