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Adding 3D Objects to Dragboard and Allow Mesh's to be used as a "Drag View"



      Since the release of 3D Geometry a few months ago we have all tried to improve the Api with our own additions.

      I am looking to be able to import Data from a DB, use one of the fields to represent an 3D image location, grab that location, import the 3D object into a class and drag the class while using the mesh as it's "DragView."

      I have been able to set it up using my class as the mapping object for the Clipboard content; however it cannot be Serialized due to TriangleMesh. Now is there a way to fix that/ I tried making a subclass of TriangleMesh, but that was useless.

      I figure the only way to do this would be to create the object the second it touches and then drag that, but I figured it would be better to use the functionality as it should be.

      So I really would like to be able to use 3D Mesh's as a DragView, since we already can use an Image.

      Also I, and others have tried taking a snapshot of a 3d object and use it as an image, but it doesn't look all that good.






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