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The Windows launcher generated by the packager fails to load msvcr100.dll on 32-bit OS




      I get from Hudson FX 8.0 the very latest file ant-javafx.jar (from windows 32-bit job), and my taskdef refers to it for the next step where I build a self-contained application with Java 7 U10 b09 (which contains FX 2.2.4 b09).
      The idea is to benefit FX packager fixes such as the RT-25343 (fixed in b47) before they find their way in the awaited FX 2.2.6.

      On Windows 64-bit machines (tried Vista and 7) my application does well, the launcher runs fine with no parameter (which proves I do benefit the fix of the RT-25343).
      On Windows 32-bit machines (tried XP and 7) my application starts fine when it is started by my installer (based on InstallShield) at the very end of the installation. But every single time I try to start again my application from the desktop's shortcut, menu entry or double clicking the launcher in Explorer I get several successive popups reading:

      - The program can't start because MSVCR100.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling...
      - Error loading jvm.dll
      - Failed to launch JVM

      The RT-22610 seems to describe my issue with the difference that for me it fails on 32-bit OS as in RT-22610 it was failing on 64-bit OS.
      If I give a try to the workaround documented in RT-22610, which is to copy runtime\jre\bin\msvcr100.dll side to my application's launcher binary, it fixes it.
      Pre-loading of msvcr100.dll seems still fragile, isn't it ?


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