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[Accessibility, HelloMenuButton] Left Arrow Key will not open Menu Button with Left Arrow Icon available



      If the focus is on a Menu Button (or Split Menu Button) with a Left Arrow Icon available, pressing the Left Arrow Key should open the menu.

      Keyboard Spec under Menu Button (https://wiki.openjdk.java.net/display/OpenJFX/Keyboard+Navigation):
      "LEFT Arrow -- If Left Arrow icon is available on the menu button and the menu is not open, open the menu."

      In a certain configuration of the HelloButtonMenu sample, the Left Arrow Key will not open a focused Menu Button (or Split Menu Button) that has a Left Arrow Icon showing.

      To Reproduce:
      0. Run HelloMenuButton sample (java -cp Hello.jar hello.HelloMenuButton)
      1. Set Popup Side to Left.
      2. Set the RTL checkbox to "checked".
      3. Press TAB until focus is on any of the Menu Buttons with a Left Arrow Icon showing.
      4. Press the Left Arrow Key. It should open but it doesn't.

      If you "uncheck" RTL, the Menu Buttons will show a Right Arrow Icon available. If the focus is set to one of the Menu Buttons now, either a Left or Right Arrow Key will open the menu.

      RULE tests/jaws/MenuButtonAndSplitMenuButton any any
      RULE tests/narrator/MenuButtonAndSplitMenuButton any any




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