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Mac: Stage.setTitle has no effect on Mac application name



      After setting the title of my application using the Stage.setTitle("MyAppName") method my application is still called "java" (even with an untraditional lowercase 'j', not "Java" as you might think).

      This is somewhat confusing to end users for several reasons:

      1. On a Mac the application menu bar should always reflect the name of the App - in Firefox for instance, the top left menu is called "Firefox". However my application is not called "MyAppName", but "java" - even after setting the Stage title.
      2. When switching between applications using Cmd+tab a Mac will show the icons and names of each app to choose from. However, the user is unable to distinguish between multiple Java apps since they are all called "java".
      3. When clicking the top left "java" menu item all Mac apps should show a drop down menu containing an "About" menu item which is named similar to "About Firefox" or "About Google Chrome", however my applications menu item is named "About Glass application" (not even "About java application").

      Even if there are other ways to change the menu item name, and the Cmd+tab name of the application (I have yet to find these), I am convinced that quite many newcomers to Java FX will be surprised that setting the stage title does not ensure proper consistent application naming in all places.

      Although this is in no way a show stopper, I suggest you fix this since such deficiencies is what makes users see Java apps as different and less conforming to the OS specific user experience.


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