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Promote Scene.impl_getFocusOwner to public API (and clean up focus owner code in Scene)


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      There are several common use cases for wanting to get the keyboard focus owner in a scene. Two common ones are for the authoring tool and accessibility.

      The proposed solution to this would be to promote impl_getFocusOwner to public API, but it looks like it may not be so trivial. Currently, the focus owner is handled in a couple different ways in Scene.java:

           * Gets the scene's current focus owner node.
           * TODO: probably should be removed in favor of impl_focusOwner below.
           * @treatasprivate implementation detail
          public Node impl_getFocusOwner() {
              return getKeyHandler().getFocusOwner();

           * The scene's current focus owner node. This node's "focused"
           * variable might be false if this scene has no window, or if the
           * window is inactive (window.focused == false).
           * TODO this was added because of RT-3930. This needs to be reconciled
           * with impl_getFocusOwner(). We don't need both. Exposing a variable
           * is more powerful because it allows code to bind to it.
           * @treatasprivate implementation detail
          private @GenerateProperty Node impl_focusOwner;

      So, there seems to be opportunity here to clean things up in addition to exposing public API.


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