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several @treatasprivate (impl_) members are visible in API docs and other doc cleanup



      There are several cases where public functions or variables named impl_* have been marked @treatasprivate but which show up in the API documentation. The usual reason for this is that there is a problem with the javadoc comment. The typical case seems to be that the comment starts with /* instead of /** which is required for proper doc comment processing.

      The list of impl_functions can be seen by going to the JavaFX API documentation and clicking the "master index" link.

      impl_add - function in class javafx.scene.effect.Effect
      impl_copy - function in class javafx.scene.input.MouseEvent
      impl_data - variable in class javafx.scene.chart.part.Axis
      impl_remove - function in class javafx.scene.effect.Effect
      impl_stageUpdated - function in class javafx.stage.AppletStageExtension

      (Note that impl_copy has been fixed already in the SoMa graphics/runtime repo; this fix needs to be propagated over to the 1.2.1 repos. The changeset is 1c4bc7c99227.)

      In addition, the doc for javafx.scene.Node.opacity includes the line:

      // TODO ROCHELLE: Can we elaborate on this? What determines whether it is supported or not??

      Note that this line is propagated to *all* descendents of the Node class, of which there are several dozen, so this line ends up in many places in the JavaFX API doc. Removing this single line from Node.fx will automatically remove it from these many different places.




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