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The number of com.sun.javafx.css.StyleHelper$CacheEntry objects grows over time and leads to OOM in css



      Ensemble run with 128mb of heap failed with OOM after 1098 iterations
      were passed (this means every sample was clicked on 1098 times).
      Comparing this heap dump with heap dump gotten with 72mb of heap shows that there is
      at least memory leak in CSS.
      The number of com.sun.javafx.css.StyleHelper$CacheEntry objects grows from
      3,514 to 12,495 and finally occupy about 20mb of heap.

      All these com.sun.javafx.css.StyleHelper$CacheEntry objects are reachable from
      valueCache attribute of com.sun.javafx.css.StyeleHelper objects.

      The number of elements of valueCache is almost the same for 72mb and 128mb of heap:
       72mb: 1,771
      128m: 1,790

      The difference seems mostly comes from the fact that each valueCache entry (which is of type
      List<CacheEntry>) has more CacheEntry objects for some reason. As I understand they correspond to different
      states of the node. Perhaps the leak is because CacheEntry objects which correspond to obsolete states
      are not removed.

      I can't be sure in my observations and would suggest to look at heap dump files using Eclipse Memory Analyzer.
      This tool allows to easy look at values of particular CacheEntry objects.
      Heap dump files are located here:




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