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libjvm crash due to stack overflow in executables with 32k tbss/tdata


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        Problem summary: When a large TLS (Thread local storage) size is set for threads, JVM is throwing stack overflow exception.

        Problem Identified:
        As per investigation and a discussion we came to the conclusion that issue is not with the JVM but it lies in the way glibc has been implemented. When a TLS is declared , it steals the space from threads stack size. So if a thread is created with small stack size, and TLS is setted to a large value, then it will result in StackOverflow. This is the exact case in this bug where reaper thread is allocated a very low stack size 32768.

        Discussion thread:

        Solution proposed:
        Its expected to get fix in glibc sometime , but for now I propose a workaround, a boolean system property "processReaperUseDefaultStackSize"
        using which we can set the stack size for reaper thread to default instead of fix 32768. This property can be set by the user using "-D" or "System.setProperty()".
        I have tested this fix, it works well with TLS size between 32k to 128k.

        diff -r 5c4530bb9ae6
        --- a/src/java.base/share/classes/java/lang/ProcessHandleImpl.java Fri Jan 08 13:06:29 2016 +0800
        +++ b/src/java.base/share/classes/java/lang/ProcessHandleImpl.java Tue
        Jan 12 15:55:50 2016 +0530
        @@ -83,9 +83,13 @@
                          ThreadGroup systemThreadGroup = tg;

                          ThreadFactory threadFactory = grimReaper -> {
        - // Our thread stack requirement is quite modest.
        - Thread t = new Thread(systemThreadGroup, grimReaper,
        - "process reaper", 32768);
        + Thread t = null;
        + if
        (Boolean.getBoolean("processReaperUseDefaultStackSize")) {
        + t = new Thread(systemThreadGroup, grimReaper,
        "process reaper");
        + } else {
        + // Our thread stack requirement is quite modest.
        + t = new Thread(systemThreadGroup, grimReaper,
        "process reaper", 32768);
        + }
                              // A small attempt (probably futile) to avoid priority inversion

        For test case please check the attached file.


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