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[JVMCI] clean up and minimize JVMCI


    • Type: Enhancement
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    • Priority: P4
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 9
    • Fix Version/s: 9
    • Component/s: hotspot
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      This RFE is for the following changes to clean up and minimize JVMCI:

       1. Remove the unused context functionality from JVMCIError (moved to new GraalError class in Graal).
       2. Move InitTimer to jdk.vm.ci.common, getting rid of the single-class jdk.vm.ci.inittimer project.
       3. Remove the unused HotSpotProxified class.
       4. Remove JaCoCo exclusion markers. JaCoCo has not been run for a long time on JVMCI or Graal. If JaCoCo testing is ever reactivated for JVMCI, command line exclusions can be used for the few classes where needed.
       5. Add or clarify javadoc for a number of classes and methods.
       6. Clarified javadoc for jdk.vm.ci.code.stack.InspectedFrame to indicate it only provides access to object locals.
       7. Remove unused jdk.vm.ci.hotspot.HotSpotOopMap class.
       8. Fix HotSpotReferenceMap.equals to test all fields.
       9. Remove unused method ResolvedJavaType.asExactType().
      10. Remove unused method RegisterConfig.getRegisterForRole(int).
      11. Remove unused MASK values from AArch64Kind.
      12. Move SourceStackTrace to Graal.
      13. Move methods in ValueUtil only used in Graal to LIRValueUtil Graal class.
      14. Remove unused methods Register.maxRegister[Number|Encoding].
      15. Move isArray() method up from ResolvedJavaType to JavaType.
      16. Move methods only used in Graal from MetaUtil to a Graal (com.oracle.graal.compiler.common.util.Util).
      17. Make Local, LocalVariableTable and LineNumberTable concrete classes.
      18. Move some utility methods from JavaConstant to Graal (com.oracle.graal.compiler.common.util.Util).
      19. Remove JVMCIMetaAccessContext since it was never truly VM independent.
      20. Remove unnecessary casts in some tests.
      21. Update the mx Java compliance level for all JVMCI projects to 9 since JDK9 API (e.g., java.lang.reflect.Module) is now used.
      22. Remove support for overriding JVMCI classes on command line (with mx compiled JVMCI classes) since -Xbootclasspath/p no longer exists.
      23. Refactor CompilationRequestResult to HotSpotCompilationRequestResult since it encapsulates information only read by the HotSpot runtime.
      24. Remove unused fields Register.Frame and Register.CallerFrame.




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