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The menuItem doesn't show all its content


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      Testsuite name: FXCompatibilityManual
      Test name(s): graphics/api/control/menu/MenuItemGraphicsRenderingTestTest.java
      Product(s) tested: JDK9b126 (64bit)
      OS/architecture: Ubuntu16.04-x64

      Reproducible: Always
      Reproducible on machine: Evergreen-machine
      [If Sometimes] Also reproducible on machine:

      Is it a Regression:Yes
      (Test on Ubuntu16.04-x64 with jdk9b178-64bit,the results:Pass)
      (Test on Ubuntu16.04-x64 with jdk9.0.4b07-64bit,the results:Pass)
      [If Regression] Regression introduced in release/build:(The Harness can not be launched with JDK9b126 use the latest workspace)
      Test result on the last GAed release for this train:Pass((Test on Ubuntu16.04-x64 with jdk9b181-64bit,the results:Pass)
      [if Fail] Test result on FCS:

      Is it a platform specific issue:Yes
      (Test on Mac10.11-x64 with jdk9b181-64bit,the results:Passed)
      (Test on win10-x64 with jdk9b181-64bit,the results:Passed)
      [If platform specific issue] Is it a new (previously unsupported) OS/browser/mode testing:
      [If new configuration testing] Issue specific to execution mode or OS/browser version:

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Install Test build JDK9b126 (64bit) and set JAVA_HOME env
      2. use test bundle:java-client-9-manual-new.tar.gz and extract to a folder of java-client-9-manual <WS>
      3. Install ANT (version:1.9.7) and set ANT_HOME env
      4. Change javafx.home path in build.properties file(under the folder <WS>)
      5 Enter the testsuite "JavaFXCompatibility" directory(under the folder<WS>) and run command: ant run-manual
      6. Run the case: graphics/api/control/menu/MenuItemGraphicsRenderingTestTest.java in the harness.

      1.Wait till the image like a REF1 will be shown on the Screen.
      2.Click on the 'Edit' menu and check that second menuitem is having a heart image as graphic and the label as 'Heart' refer REF3.
      3.Move the mouse on the 'Heart' menuitem and check whether the heart image is changed to broken heart image and the label is changed to 'Broken Heart' refer REF4

      Actual result:
      At step3,when moving the mouse on the 'heart' menuitem,the menuItem doesn't show all it's content,please refer to attachment.
      By the way,the case on win10-x64-jdk9b126-64bit:Pass;
      Also on mac10.10-x64-jdk9b126-64bit:Pass




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