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REGRESSION:Java 8u112 has missing dll info for jfxwebkit.dll



      Received reports from users upgrading from earlier versions of jAlbum to
      jAlbum 13.6 that the embedded, WebView based browser no longer works. This is
      caused by a missing jfxwebkit.dll file. It should normally be located under
      the bin folder of the embedded JVM, but is left out by the installer

      The problem resolves if one does a complete uninstall followed by an install
      or if one perfoms a repair operation on the installation.

      Contact the makers of the installer (AdvancedInstaller), they think this
      problem can be caused by version mismatches. The installer normally does not
      allow a newer versioned file to be replaced by an older versioned file.
      Inspected jfxwebkit.dll for Java8u102 and jfxwebkit.dll for Java8u112. With
      Java8u112 there is version information missing that was previously existing.
      I take it that this causes this bad outcome (no dll file installed at all).

      Please see attached file information screenshots, one from Java8u102 (ok) and
      one from Java8u112 (missing data):


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