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      The work for JEP 266: More Concurrency Updates resulted in the inclusion of enhancements to the `java.util.concurrent` package (and in addition many small implementation improvements not mentioned here).

      The main enhancements are:

      - the Flow API, which is a low-level API for establishing flow-controlled components.
        For example, it can provide the interoperable layer for asynchronous stream-based processing with
        non-blocking back pressure.
        The interface `java.util.concurrent.Flow` contains a number of nested interfaces that correspond to the
        reactive-streams (specification)[]. `Publisher`s produce items consumed
        by one or more `Subscriber`s, each managed by a `Subscription`. Communication relies on a simple form
        of flow control (method `Subscription.request`, for communicating back pressure) that can be used to avoid
        resource management problems that may otherwise occur in "push" based systems.

      - Time-based enhancements to `java.util.concurrent.CompletableFuture` that enable a future to complete with
        a value or exceptionally after a certain duration, see methods `orTimeout` and `completeTimeout`.
        In addition, a complementary `Executor` returned by the static methods named `delayedExecutor` allow a task
        to execute after a certain duration. This may be combined with `Executor` receiving methods on
        `CompletableFuture` to support operations with time-delays.

      - Improvements to `java.util.concurrent.CompletableFuture` making it easier to subclass, see the methods
        `minimalCompletionStage`, `newIncompleteFuture`, and `copy`.




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