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TEST_BUG: java/rmi/activation/rmidViaInheritedChannel tests fails intermittently with "port in use" in rmid



      java/rmi/activation/rmidViaInheritedChannel/InheritedChannelNotServerSocket.java fails with "port in use" in rmid.

      This is a issue left by JDK-8019538. There are 4 issues in the bug JDK-8019538,
      2 in RmidViaInheritedChannel.java: "port in use" in registry, "port in use" in rmid start.
      2 InheritedChannelNotServerSocket.java: "port in use" in registry, "port in use" in rmid start.
      The fix for JDK-8019538 is to
      1. remove RmidViaInheritedChannel as SelectorProvider is well tested by other tests, for example the tests under java/rmi/activation/Activatable
      2. fix the "port in use" in registry in InheritedChannelNotServerSocket.java

      For "port in use" in rmid in InheritedChannelNotServerSocket, it's a little bit hard, as it intends to test rmid when inherited channel not work. Currently the only solution in my mind is to retry when rmid fails with "port in use", it's not a good solution as it might impact other programs or tests, and it's not efficient.

      This bug is to track "port in use" in rmid in InheritedChannelNotServerSocket after fix for JDK-8019538 is pushed.


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