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Wrong position of spaces in JTextField when entering Korean text on Ubuntu 16



      When using Hangul input method on Ubuntu 16, space characters are not entered in expected places.

      For example, when entering in a JTextField: ‘하나 ’

      On Ubuntu 16, the actual contents of text field are: ‘하 나’
      (space is between blocks, not after them).

      Whereas, on Ubuntu 14, we see correct contents of text field: ‘하나 ’
      (with space after blocks, as expected).

      The issue occurs only with Java applications on Ubuntu 16. The issue is not reproduced on Ubuntu 14, nor with native applications (e.g. gedit) on either Ubuntu version.

      To reproduce:
      1. Compile and run the attached example.
      2. Switch to Hangul input method,
      3. Press Shift+Space to activate Hangul input, and
      4. Press G, K, S, K (on standard English keyboard) and then press Space.
      (Don't press Shift, just the keys as if typing in lower case.)


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