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Unsafe usage of ClassLoaderData::_handles with CMS


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 9
    • Fix Version/s: 10
    • Component/s: hotspot
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      ClassLoaderData::_handles was introduced to keep track of resolved reference array for the constant pools. The objects were created and immediately registered in the _handles area without any intervening safepoints.

      From ClassLoaderData::initialize_resolved_references:
          objArrayOop stom = oopFactory::new_objArray(SystemDictionary::Object_klass(), map_length, CHECK);
          Handle refs_handle (THREAD, (oop)stom); // must handleize.

      There's a comment in CMSCollector::do_remark_non_parallel that describes this:
        // We might have added oops to ClassLoaderData::_handles during the
        // concurrent marking phase. These oops point to newly allocated objects
        // that are guaranteed to be kept alive. Either by the direct allocation
        // code, or when the young collector processes the roots. Hence,
        // we don't have to revisit the _handles block during the remark phase.

      However, the CLD::_handles area has been reused to store other oops that might not adhere to the requirement described in the comment above.

      Two code path that register oops in the CLD::_handles are the Modules code and CDS when protection domain "handles" are created.

      Two ways to fix this:

      1) Make sure that the object is available in a root from the time it gets created until it has been added to the CLD::_handles list.

      The code might already do this, but it needs to be checked / enforced.

      2) Do more work in the CMS remark pause and visit all non-"resolved reference array" oops.

      There's currently no separation between the "resolved reference array" oops and the other oops in CLD:_handles, so the code would probably have to visit all oops, unless they were separated somehow.


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