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Module system implementation refresh (6/2017 update)




        The changes in this update:

        - replace java.lang.module package description with more complete description of resolution

        - Automatic-Module-Name JAR file attribute

        - Add ModuleLayer.Controller.addExports

        - Minor update to ModuleLayer.defineModules to make it clear that the function to map modules to class loaders cannot map modules to the boot or platform class loaders.

        - Update ModuleLayer.defineModulesWithXXXX to specify how the class loaders created by these methods locate resources.

        - Minor update to ClassLoader spec to clarify how the platform class loader delegates.

        - Minor update to ServiceLoader spec to clarify how providers are located when modules in a layer are defined to a class loader.

        - Minor update to ServiceLoader spec to specify that the static factory method must be explicit declared (meaning it is not inherited).

        - Update ServiceLoader spec to more clearly specify when ServiceConfigurationError is thrown.

        - Fix bug in ServiceLoader which caused an exception when a service type being overridden in a child layer (or where the same service type exists in two modules in the same layer).

        - Fix bug in ServiceLoader to reject provider classes that define more than one factory method.

        - Cleanup and expand ServiceLoader test coverage.

        - Minor clean-up to ModuleBootstrap.boot to make it easier to read/maintain.

        - Replace --permit-illegal-access with --illegal-acess=<value>.

        - Refresh JCP technology summary docs page.

        - Refresh java.lang.instrument package description, including migration to package-info.java.

        - Remove (unused) code to add packages to modules.


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