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Fix tidy issues in JavaFX docs



      While doclint catches many/most HTML issues in source code, it doesn't process all files ... especially stand-alone HTML files such as found in doc-files directories.

      For now, "tidy" can be used to check such HTML files, typically using "tidy -e <file>..." tidy is a standard utility for Unix-like platforms.

      Here is the current report for the JavaFX docs in JDK 10:

      Tidy Report

        1778 files read
        1520 files had no errors or warnings
           1 files reported "Not all warnings/errors were shown."
          54 errors found
        1596 warnings found
           2 recommendations to use CSS

          85 % files with no errors or warnings
        0.93 average errors or warnings per file

        1248: Warning: <.*> anchor ".*" already defined
         186: Warning: trimming empty <.*>
          27: Warning: discarding unexpected <.*>
          18: Warning: missing <.*>
           8: Error: <.*> is not recognized!
           7: Warning: <.*> isn't allowed in <.*> elements
           3: Warning: <.*> lacks ".*" attribute
           2: Warning: <a> id and name attribute value mismatch
           2: Warning: inserting implicit <.*>
           1: Warning: <.*> missing '>' for end of tag
           1: Warning: missing <!DOCTYPE> declaration

      Also note:

      DocType Report

        1775: HTML5
           1: -//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN
           1: -//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN

      I recommend upgrading these files to HTML5, in case that triggers more warnings/errors to be found by tidy.


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