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Fix accessibility of JavaFX docs



      All our docs, including API docs, need to be accessible.

      Although many checks are subjective and hence manual, some are more easily automated.

      Two issues for JavaFX.

      All files should declare a default language, in the <html> tag, like this:
        <html lang="en">
      One standalone HTML file does not do so.

      All tables should should arrange to have row headers and column headers that can be used by screen readers to identify data cells. Generally speaking, each row and each column should have at least one header cell (<th>) wth the scope attribute set to "row" or "col" as appropriate. This may mean changing a data cell (<td>) in each row to a header cell. Use CSS to compensate, if you don't want to change the appearance.
      Accessibility Report

        1778 files checked
           1 files did not specify a default language
             All files specified a title

      Accessibility: Tables Report

      Checked 5192 tables in 1778 files.

      <unset> 41 0 0%
      csspropertytable 104 0 0%
      html4colortable 1 0 0%
      memberSummary 1815 1815 100%
      overviewSummary 4 0 0%
      package 10 0 0%
      packagesSummary 13 13 100%
      requiresSummary 7 7 100%
      typeSummary 80 80 100%
      useSummary 3117 3117 100%
      TOTAL 5192 5032 96%


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