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Upward projection result is A<? extends Number> instead of A<? super Integer>



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: P3
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 10
    • Fix Version/s: 10
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      class A<T extends Number> {}

      public class Test1 {
          public void run() {
              A<? super Integer> a0 = new A<Integer>();
              var c0 = a0;
              A<? super Integer> tmp = c0; // Compile time error

      Following error message occurs while compiling this code
      error: incompatible types: A<CAP#1> cannot be converted to A<? super Integer>
              A<? super Integer> tmp = c0; // Compile time error
        where CAP#1 is a fresh type-variable:
          CAP#1 extends Number from capture of ? extends Number
      1 error

      From this message it follows that type of c0 was determined as A<? extends Number> however according to spec [4.10.5] it should have been determined as A<? super Integer> and compilation should have succeeded.

      The reasoning for this is presented below:

      1. a0 is an expression name in assignment, so a0 type is A<[Integer <: CAP <: Number]> where CAP is a capture variable.

      2. As c0 is declared as var, type_of(c0) = up_proj(A<[Integer <: CAP <: Number]>).

      3. For up_proj(A<[Integer <: CAP <: Number]>), T is A<[Integer <: CAP <: Number]>.

      3. As T is a parameterized class type,
      up_proj(A<CAP>) = A<A1'>, further we need to derive A1' from CAP.

      4. CAP 'mentions' restricted type variable, so:

      5. first we find U = up_proj(CAP) = up_proj([Integer <: CAP <: Number]) = up_proj(Number) = Number,
      so U = Number

      6. then we try to determine A1' as ? extends U. U is not Object but B1=Number is a subtype of U=Number
      so we proceed to the next step trying to determine A1' as ? super L,

      7. L = down_proj(A1) = down_proj([Integer <: CAP <: Number]) = down_proj(Integer) = Integer
      so, L = Integer (downward projection is determined successfully)

      8. hence A1' = ? super L = ? super Integer and
      up_proj(A<CAP>) = A<A1'> = A<? super Integer>

      9. So type_of(c0) = A<? super Integer>.


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