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Requesting fix of SIGSEGV issue



      On embedded device SIGSEGV with the backtrace like the following occurs frequently.

         pc lib addr location
      3 0x45c5f344 libjvm.so 1b0344 <CounterDecay::do_method(Method*)>+0x14
      4 0x45d8de24 libjvm.so 2dee24 <InstanceKlass::methods_do(void (*)(Method*))>+0xbc
      5 0x45c5d0d0 libjvm.so 1ae0d0 <NonTieredCompPolicy::do_safepoint_work()>+0xc0
      6 0x45fee4d8 libjvm.so 53f4d8 <SafepointSynchronize::do_cleanup_tasks()>+0x8c
      7 0x45feed04 libjvm.so 53fd04 <SafepointSynchronize::begin()>+0x6bc
      8 0x460f2370 libjvm.so 643370 <VMThread::loop()>+0x4ec
      9 0x460f251c libjvm.so 64351c <VMThread::run()>+0x78
      10 0x45f870fc libjvm.so 4d80fc <java_start(Thread*)>+0x168

      This issue seems to occur regardless of CPU because the same SIGSEGV has
      occurred several times on simulators of nearly identical configuration other
      than CPU, and the following backtrace has appeared.

         eip stack ebp lib
         addr location
      0 0xb1aacf46 (0x6c03cd88 0x6c03cd88 0x00000001 0xb1f20108) 0x6f03abf8 libjvm.so 1dff46 <CounterDecay::do_method(Method*)>+0x316
      1 0xb1b8a84f (0x6c03cfe0 0xb1aacc30 0x09d6951c 0x09d6951c) 0x6f03ac28 libjvm.so 2bd84f <InstanceKlass::methods_do(void (*)(Method*))>+0x7f
      2 0xb1aab429 (0x0910bf48 0xb1ef6e4c 0x00000000 0xb1d5e438) 0x6f03ac68 libjvm.so 1de429 <NonTieredCompPolicy::do_safepoint_work()>+0x99
      3 0xb1dac354 (0x00000000 0xb1eeccd6 0x00000038 0x00000000) 0x6f03acb8 libjvm.so 4df354 <SafepointSynchronize::do_cleanup_tasks()>+0x84
      4 0xb1dad948 (0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x6f03ad28) 0x6f03acf8 libjvm.so 4e0948 <SafepointSynchronize::begin()>+0x358
      5 0xb1e86e0c (0x0911f000 0xfffffffc 0x00000000 0x00000000) 0x6f03ae58 libjvm.so 5b9e0c <VMThread::loop()>+0x28c
      6 0xb1e870d5 (0x0911f000 0xaade406f 0x6f03b1f8 0xb1d5fbfd) 0x6f03aea8 libjvm.so 5ba0d5 <VMThread::run()>+0x85
      7 0xb1d5fc16 (0x0911f000 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000) 0x6f03b1f8 libjvm.so 492c16 <java_start(Thread*)>+0x136

      This simulators CPU is Intel using binary built from the 8u161 source code.

      From investigation, a related bug report was found.
      This bug seems to be occurring in the Intel 64-bit environment, but there is considerable similarity in the above backtraces.


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