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CPU Vulnerability matrix page issues


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      This bug is to track the issues related to the current CPU 19_04 vulnerability matrix page:


      1) At the top right the text shows "BugDB Query link : , instead of "BugDB Query link : CPU19_04"

      2) Column "OpenJDK 11/8" Should be "OpenJDK 12/" (NO 8 anymore)

      3) Missing data in JLE Info, Labels. (This will remain so till the OpenJDK bugs tagging happens, towards the end of the release cycle)

      4) Column with data for Latest JDK Main Release i.e. "13" and 12.0.1 update release are missing.

      5) Column with data for Oracle JDk11.0.3 is shown as 11.0.3 instead of 11.0.3-oracle.

      6) The status of the backport bugs is not shown correctly. E.g Backports for :

          Backport of JDK-8214808 is Closed as Not Fixed in JDK-7u221 and "Fixed" in 8u211.
          Backport of JDK-8214389 is Closed as "Not an Issue" while parent is "Closed as Duplicate".

      The -X- indicated that it is not yet been identified and marked with a due date. This was the case in the earlier releases. The umbrella bug was not present earlier.

      Now there is an umbrella bug which shows up the fixes as related backports. These will have a due date and a resolved date and those govern the status of the bug shown on the vulnerability matrix page. For a bug which is yet to be integrated (which is the status for most backports till they are actually included as a changeset in a build) this column will now show up as -X- while earlier they would be marked with the target release and build no which is not happening now.

      7) Umbrella Bug Id is shown but the status is not shown. This is an enhancement and will be looked at later after current data displayed on the page is made . accurate.




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