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DocCommentParser should allow for <main> and </main>


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 13
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        This is about reading standalone HTML files in javadoc, generally as found in a doc-files subdirectory.

        The file is parsed into sections, the preamble, the body, the block tags, and the postamble.

        Currently, the preamble is every from the beginning up to and including '<body>', and the postamble is everything from '</body>' to the end of the file. This means that if the user provides '<main>' and '</main>' tags, they will be included in the body section and/or tags sections, which causes downstream problems because the doclet generally is currently responsible for generating '<main>'.

        It's especially bad when the user puts block tags at the end of their main content. For example, consider this:

        <title>my file</title>
        My description.
        @since MyVersion

        This will be parsed with an unbalanced `<main>` at the beginning of the main body section, and an unbalanced `</main>` as part of the @since tag, which will end up *within* the <dl> list used for block tags! (which is incorrect HTML!)

        Although a short-term workaround might be to restrict the use of <main>...</main> within HTML doc-files, that is bad for users that might be using style checkers for such files.

        A better solution may be to detect the use of <main> and include it in the preamble, and detect the use of </main> and use it to end the section being read and to begin the postamble.


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