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[lworld] TestCallingConventionC1::test63 fails with -Xcomp


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: P3
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: repo-valhalla
    • Fix Version/s: repo-valhalla
    • Component/s: hotspot
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      When testing my fix for JDK-8224831 (TestCallingConventionC1.java fails with -Xcomp), I can pass all tests in TestCallingConventionC1.java, except that test63 would crash with an invalid oop.

      The crash seems to happen for the first call to test63_verifier. The first iteraction of the loop succeeds, but we crash during the second iteration inside RefPoint_Access_Impl2::func2.

          // C2->C1 invokeinterface via VVEP(RO) -- force GC for every allocation when entering a C1 VVEP(RO) (a bunch of RefPoints and Numbers)
          @Test(compLevel = C2)
          public int test63(RefPoint_Access rpa, RefPoint rp1, RefPoint rp2, Number n1, RefPoint rp3, RefPoint rp4, Number n2) {
              return rpa.func2(rp1, rp2, n1, rp3, rp4, n2);

          public void test63_verifier(boolean warmup) {
              int count = warmup ? 1 : 20;
              for (int i=0; i<count; i++) { // need a loop to test inline cache
                  RefPoint_Access rpa = get_RefPoint_Access();
                  RefPoint rp1 = new RefPoint(1, 2);
                  RefPoint rp2 = refPointField1;
                  RefPoint rp3 = new RefPoint(222, 777);
                  RefPoint rp4 = refPointField2;
                  Number n1 = new Number(5878);
                  Number n2 = new Number(1234);
                  int result;
                  try (ForceGCMarker m = ForceGCMarker.mark(warmup)) {
                      result = test63(rpa, rp1, rp2, n1, rp3, rp4, n2);
                  int n = rpa.func2(rp1, rp2, n1, rp3, rp4, n2);
                   Asserts.assertEQ(result, n);




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