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Add various documentation clarifications


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: openjfx13
    • Fix Version/s: openjfx15
    • Component/s: javafx
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      This is a list of clarifications that various docs should make:

      1. ObservableValue checks equality with reference equality and not with the 'equals' method.

      2. Node Transformations section should mention the order of transforms (as listed in getBoundsInParent). getTransforms() should also get the order right. Also mention why the order of transforms matter.

      3. Node's getProperties() method is used internally by Panes/Regions to set constraints and layout values, and do not remove the entries by themselves. If the user uses that list they should be aware of removing the values.

      4. ObservableList and other collections don't specify how they are created (FXCollections class).

      5. The extractor on ObservableArrayList etc. is not explained well and it should be highlighted that this feature exists since listening to changes on objects in the collection (and not the collection itself) is often requested.

      6. Consider adding links from the class docs to the tutorials like Swing does.

      7. JDK-8142400 (Improve Timeline javadoc with regards to KeyFrame ordering)

      8. JDK-8210238 (Animations do not play backwards properly) - Clarify behavior for points 1 and 4


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