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Update Graal in Metropolis




      e1fcc53d868 Fri Jan 24 10:51:01 2020 +0000 Tom Rodriguez [GR-19323] Fix FrameState for deopt in exception path.
      2c5ad6e4df6 Mon Jan 13 08:01:03 2020 +0000 Stefan Anzinger [GR-20502] AArch64: Elide NarrowNode for Extend.
      d997fa57a35 Thu Jan 9 11:43:10 2020 +0000 Christian Haeubl [GR-19966] [GR-17185] [GR-15759] [GR-19126] Reuse the object allocation snippets from HotSpot for native-image.
      2520f1596b8 Thu Jan 9 02:09:23 2020 +0000 Stefan Anzinger [GR-20245] Fix AArch64/SVM relocations.
      8d86569d692 Wed Jan 8 22:37:54 2020 +0000 Yudi Zheng [GR-19180] Backport JDK-8221092 changes.
      291bfd6051b Wed Jan 8 21:43:46 2020 +0000 Stefan Anzinger [GR-15000] Use add(extended) to generate array index offset for AArch64.
      07ae939513d Wed Jan 8 17:41:23 2020 +0000 Yudi Zheng [GR-20304] Merge fused pair into a single LIR.
      af23840f6bd Wed Jan 8 12:59:37 2020 +0000 Gergö Barany [GR-20457] Canonicalize unused rem node followed by compatible div (#2010).
      c0592ba2a1d Tue Jan 7 08:41:04 2020 +0000 Stefan Anzinger [GR-20158] MarkBasePointersPhase: base pointers do not die at the definition of the derived values, but at their own definiton.
      77de1f16be7 Mon Jan 6 10:02:37 2020 +0000 Doug Simon [GR-20402] Use GraalUnsafeAccess where available.
      1f2a7032934 Thu Jan 2 08:01:58 2020 +0000 David Leopoldseder [GR-12021] Allow monitor lowering to avoid emitting a biased locking path if biased locking for an object is not possible.
      094363c11f3 Fri Dec 27 19:25:25 2019 +0000 Maja Vukasovic [GR-20366] Fix cloning node's content during a graph copy.
      699f2fbf3a0 Wed Dec 25 13:52:31 2019 +0000 Doug Simon [GR-19435] Remove unused options and add test to prevent adding new ones.
      ffe6f4cbc39 Sat Dec 21 08:10:34 2019 +0000 Christian Haeubl [GR-15280] Added a hubType field to DynamicHub.
      cfddca33bb2 Fri Dec 20 16:20:18 2019 +0000 Stefan Anzinger [GR-16084] AArch64: Better instruction sequence for constant move.
      c676915dd22 Fri Dec 20 14:57:03 2019 +0000 Stefan Anzinger [GR-20321] AArch64: Better implementation for float sqrt.
      276ff2b4426 Thu Dec 19 17:32:40 2019 +0000 Esteban Ginez [GR-20260] Amends NarrowNode.reverseOp to be ZeroExtend instead of SignExtend.
      963f79d692a Thu Dec 19 02:49:25 2019 +0000 Aleksandar Pejovic [GR-20273] Native Image: Add arch dependent optimization phases.
      d1bff0303ca Wed Dec 18 22:14:03 2019 +0000 Doug Simon [GR-20271] Do not rely on node source positions for showing language call stack at PE bailout.

      And add new packages from graal/sdk to Graal in JDK:

      Did makefiles changes to use libjvmcicompiler.so (libgraal) if present.




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