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Review setting test.java/vm.opts in jcmd/jhsdb and debugger in serviceability tests


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      There are a lot of debugger/debuggee tests in svc area. Usually not all options are passed to debuggers processes. It is needed to check which options should be passed and fix tests.

      From [~cjplummer]:
      For example the SA tests use JDKToolLauncher.createUsingTestJDK("jhsdb"). jhsdb is what is really being tested here, and it should be launched with the test vm options. Currently we launch the target process with these options, which is probably also a good idea. Also we aren't too concerned with the options that the test itself is run with, although I'm guessing they also get run with the test java opts. So we have 3 processes here:
       - jhsdb, which should be getting test java opts but is not
       - the target process, which should be getting test java opts and currently is
       - the test itself, where options don't really matter, but is getting passed test java opts

      However, you could argue that tests like jinfo, jstack, and jcmd, all of which use the Attach API and the bulk of the work is done on the target process, are not that concerned with the options passed to the command, but do want the options passed to the target process.


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