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exploded-test-gtest uses images/ binaries


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      When building and testing hotspot you can choose if you want to run a fully packaged JDK or the faster-to-build exploded JDK.

      make images => builds the fully packaged JDK
      make test => uses the JDK from make images

      The tests are using the <target>/images/jdk/ path.

      make jdk => builds the exploded JDK
      make exploded-test => uses and tests the exploded JDK

      The tests are then using the exploded <target>/jdk/ path.

      This means that I can take a test command line generated by exploded-test (with <target>/jdk paths) and use that for testing / debugging in a debugger. And if I want to update the JDK source, I only have to run make jdk, and can immediately use the mentioned test command line and it will use the up-to-date binaries.

      Now, if you run make exploded-test-gtest it copies the gtestLauncher to the <target>/images/test directory. The command line looks like this:

      <target>/images/test/hotspot/gtest/server/gtestLauncher -jdk <target>/jdk --gtest_output=xml:<target>/test-results/gtest_all_server/gtest.xml

      However, if I update the HotSpot source, run make jdk (which builds the gtest binaries) and rerun the printed test command line, it will run the old binaries, not the ones created by make jdk. make jdk updates the binaries in:

      Could we change so that exploded-test-gtest uses the binaries created by make jdk?




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