• Due:2014-03-17

Issues: Unresolved

  • Enhancement JDK-7060529 Convert hotspot JPRT tests to make rules
  • JEP JDK-8046104 JEP 114: TLS Server Name Indication (SNI) Extension
  • JEP JDK-8046121 JEP 131: PKCS#11 Crypto Provider for 64-bit Windows

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug JDK-8012716 Today 06:32 java.beans.EventHandler.create method should check if the given listenerInterface is a public interface
  • Bug JDK-8125821 Last Friday 12:32 The Windows launcher generated by the packager fails when called with no parameter
  • Bug JDK-8125839 Last Friday 12:25 Window ico files causes packaging errors