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P1BackportJDK-2212508JSR292: crash in invokedynamic with C1 using tiered and compressed oopsChristian ThalingerClosed
P1BackportJDK-2214605Installer does not copy required files to Windows System32 folderAudrey LinClosed
P1BackportJDK-2214607linux build broken after fix to 7052492Andy HerrickClosed
P1BackportJDK-22146087-client(nightly) : JCP/javaws-viewer fails to show up on windowsAndy HerrickClosed
P1BackportJDK-22146097u01: Java plugin doesn't work on windows with IE browserCalvin CheungClosed
P1BackportJDK-22146107-client: awt applet fails to load due to class cast exceptionThomas NgClosed
P1BackportJDK-2221499+DoEscapeAnalysis regression w/ early build of 7u4 (HotSpot 23) on LinuxVladimir KozlovClosed
P1BackportJDK-2221982Crashes in ucrypto related to C2Tom RodriguezClosed
P1BackportJDK-22235897u6 b06 compilation failure on macosx deploy buildUnassignedClosed
P1BackportJDK-2223856Reflect the MacOS arch name change in the RE build scriptsDavid KatlemanClosed
P1BackportJDK-2223875Need to remove the cobundle of JavaFX runtime with JREJennifer ZuoClosed
P1BackportJDK-2224288VM not printing unknown -XX optionsChristian TornqvistClosed
P1BackportJDK-2225576"jar uf" changes file permissions unexpectedlyXueming ShenClosed
P1BackportJDK-2226424ENV: Nightly fails during jdk copiyng for solaris platforms after FDS unzippingColeen PhillimoreClosed
P1BackportJDK-2227153[macosx] Drag and drop not working (regression in 7u6)Alexander ZuevClosed
P1BackportJDK-2227266The printout doesn't match image on screen.Alexander ScherbatiyClosed
P1BackportJDK-2227446Mac: JavaFX webstart apps are brokenScott KovatchClosed
P1BackportJDK-2227672UnregisterDeploy is having issues with PnP scenariosWilliam HarnoisClosed
P1BugJDK-7055730Broken jdk release file SOURCE= featureDavid KatlemanClosed
P1EnhancementJDK-7064148Update IPS builds in hudson to use latest ips scripts and jds-x2250-3Christine LuResolved
P1BugJDK-7067724jdk 8 TL nightly: windows-i586 and windows-adm64 builds failureSuchen ChienClosed
P1EnhancementJDK-7069811Added parameter on Aurora submit commandChristine LuResolved
P1BugJDK-7079778PIP image not needed for developer release in progressDavid KatlemanClosed
P1BugJDK-7084628Add table ids/headers as a part of guides build process to address accessibilityDavid KatlemanClosed
P1BugJDK-7092290Opening Internet Explorer 8 blocked by UAC dialog for ssvagent.exeCalvin CheungClosed
P1EnhancementJDK-7093640Enable client-side TLS 1.2 by defaultXue-Lei FanClosed
P1BugJDK-7096528JDK8 windows builds failing because old builds cannot be moved and removed.Christine LuClosed
P1BugJDK-7099488TwoStacksPlainSocketImpl should invoke super.create(stream), typo in fix for 7098719Chris HegartyClosed
P1EnhancementJDK-7100315(Mac) Plugin implementation build supportScott KovatchClosed
P1BugJDK-7100565build failure: java -version on pure 64bit solaris j2sdk-image errors outDavid KatlemanClosed
P1BugJDK-7104905Java SE build fails on call to CreateSymbolsJames HolmlundClosed
P1BugJDK-7108500jdk7-lin2-i586 offline - Linux 32bit nightly build for jdk8 failed at step 2Hang VoClosed
P1EnhancementJDK-7109729build lambda with defender weaverChristine LuResolved
P1BugJDK-7114486Removing jre 6ux makes IE to use the old 7u2 plug-in by defaultCalvin CheungClosed
P1BugJDK-7115366Fix for 7103815 breaks build on unixHenry JenClosed
P1BugJDK-7116488fix for 7116138 broke buildAndy HerrickClosed
P1EnhancementJDK-7120624Request to lower the priority of lambda/jigsaw runs for Aurora nightly runsChristine LuResolved
P1BugJDK-7121902Build breakage after fix for 7118661Scott KovatchClosed
P1BugJDK-7122235Build succeeds even if JDK source file fails to compileStuart MarksClosed
P1BugJDK-7122910jdk8_tl hudson nightly builds are failed for windowsVita SantrucekClosed
P1EnhancementJDK-7129294Finish event delivery on Mac when EmbeddedFrame implementation is readyScott KovatchClosed
P1BugJDK-7129961macosx changes exposed sed error in Set_Script_Variables()David KatlemanClosed
P1BugJDK-7130652make error regarding incocrrect ant version for win32 jdk8 nightly buildsDavid KatlemanClosed
P1BugJDK-7130782change langtools jdk8 nightly to use jigsaw-like version stringChristine LuClosed
P1BugJDK-7143512To solve mac build hang problem on Lion, ALT_BOOTDIR has to be set differentlyChristine LuClosed
P1BugJDK-7145197JDK8 TL - Solaris-sparcv9 build fail on heap allocationDavid KatlemanClosed
P1BugJDK-7145895broken build by imcomplete commit for CR 7143700Henry JenClosed
P1BugJDK-7152017jdk8 mac builds fail because ALT_BOOTDIR is hardcoded for JDK7 buildsDavid KatlemanClosed
P1BugJDK-7154248Nightly (Linux): Firefox fails to laod any applet using latest nightly buildIgor NekrestyanovClosed
P1BugJDK-7157551Mac artifacts missing in the promotion directory for b31Christine LuClosed
P1BugJDK-7159319Hudson nightly build for JDK8 Linux-amd64 failedDavid KatlemanClosed
P1BugJDK-7160433Resolve build issues on Linux and Solaris platformsPranav BhatClosed
P1BugJDK-7160435make/pack/Makefile build failure introduced with changeset for 7157066Pranav BhatClosed
P1BugJDK-7162937JDK installer does not build after changeset for 6831192Felix YangClosed
P1BugJDK-7165936embedded build can't access /java/embedded on vjdk7a-lin-i586David KatlemanClosed
P1BugJDK-7166965jdk8-2-emb-convergence-build-linux-i586 build failed, hudson execute shell typo pri0ntfDavid KatlemanClosed
P1BugJDK-7167881emb convergence change from ea milestone to beta invalidated ALT_BOOTDIR settingDavid KatlemanClosed
P1BugJDK-7168520No jdk8 TL Nightly linux builds due to broken link in b39-2012-05-13_231Daniel DaughertyClosed
P1BugJDK-7168812-Xdock:name/icon incorrectly set on non-Mac platformsScott KovatchClosed
P1BugJDK-7169038jdk8 tl nightly mac binaries contain ._* filesDavid KatlemanClosed
P1BugJDK-7169568add environment variables to mac builds to avoid ._* files from showing up in archivesDavid KatlemanClosed
P1BugJDK-7173237Wix did not export ALT_WIXDIRDavid KatlemanClosed
P1BugJDK-7175566[macosx] Glich in fix for CR7124247 caused MacOS crash during PIT testingAlexander ZuevClosed
P1BugJDK-7175762Nightly: Applets using applet tag are blocked with old Java requested warning dialogAndy HerrickClosed
P1BugJDK-7176861Fix build breakageScott KovatchClosed
P1BugJDK-7177094Regression: App fails w/ "application requesting unrestricted access",cache failure in 6u33 and 7u5Thomas NgClosed
P1BugJDK-7177221vjdk7b-lin-i586 offline, out of diskspaceDavid KatlemanClosed
P1BugJDK-7177222dol-solamd64 offline, out of diskspaceDavid KatlemanClosed, used in Hotspot-build-<PLATFORM> jobs doesn't clean up builds.Christine LuClosed
P1BugJDK-7179643Changes to control panel cause it to not show anymoreScott KovatchClosed
P1BugJDK-7180482Lambda build failed on win32, machine missing FreeTypeDavid KatlemanClosed
P1BugJDK-7183251Netbeans editor renders text wrong on JDK 7u6 build 17Philip RaceClosed
P1BugJDK-7184171Fix build breakage from 7171710Scott KovatchClosed
P1BugJDK-7184568Mac JDK: Deployment jars/libs are missing in the JDK installation folderScott KovatchClosed
P1BugJDK-7184748Clean up diskspace on dol-soli586, offline as Hudson slaveDavid KatlemanClosed
P1BugJDK-7188786There are no jdk8 langtools nightly builds for Mac or solaris-sparcDavid KatlemanClosed
P1BugJDK-7188814Frequent incomplete JDK 8 Embedded Convergence buildsDavid KatlemanClosed
P1BugJDK-7194682DS build needs to sign deploy bits if they are builtChris GruszkaClosed
P1BugJDK-7195282jdk8 tl windows fails with fx true cobundle changes (RE_FX_LOCATION & RE_FX_FILENAME_PREFIX)David KatlemanClosed
P1EnhancementJDK-7195290update and to add javafx samples and docsDavid KatlemanClosed
P1BugJDK-7195556Install of both 32 bit JRE and 64 bit JRE produces incompatible javacpl.exeThomas NgResolved
P1BugJDK-7196071Plugin Fails to build with GCC 4.7 + on Linux ARM... missing #include <unistd.h> in gcc compilerIgor NekrestyanovClosed
P1BugJDK-7198093Slow build due to full backup running on JREHang VoClosed
P1BugJDK-7198094ea version of FX was shipped in a GA JDK productChristine LuClosed
P1BugJDK-7198107wrong libraries were bundledChristine LuClosed
P1BugJDK-7198110Windows 32-bit needed to be restarted because Windows 64-bit was too slow (documentation issue)Christine LuClosed
P1EnhancementJDK-7198123verify demos are not present in JDK bundles upon build completionDavid KatlemanResolved
P1EnhancementJDK-7198448test 64bit Solaris binaries directory to confirm 32bit Solaris overlay has occured.David KatlemanResolved
P1BugJDK-7198818Deploy build broken on windowsIgor NekrestyanovClosed
P1EnhancementJDK-7200198Change RE build and promotion scripts to call the jtreg wrapper for each *_end phaseChristine LuResolved
P1BackportJDK-8000135NPG: assert(ret == true) failed: relocInfo must exist at this addressVladimir KozlovClosed
P1BugJDK-8000241langtools doesn't buildMaurizio CimadamoreClosed
P1BackportJDK-80006607u10 win64 build failed at rebase process by including a signed installer.dllChris GruszkaClosed
P1BackportJDK-80007457u10 win64 build failed at rebase process by including a signed installer.dllChris GruszkaClosed
P1BugJDK-8000916An "Expired JRE" warning dialog shows up for even latest JRE8 nightly bits when accessing applet page.Andy HerrickClosed
P1BugJDK-8001875build-infra: We must be able to force static linking of stdc++Erik JoelssonClosed
P1BugJDK-8002026build-infra: deploy repository buildingErik JoelssonClosed
P1New FeatureJDK-8002028build-infra: need no-hotspot partial buildErik JoelssonResolved
P1BackportJDK-8003127JCP is getting blocked by \bin\ssvagnet.exe dialog on 64 bit windowsIgor NekrestyanovClosed
P1BugJDK-8003161Cannot build jdk8/build using the new build system after latest merge.Fredrik ÖhrströmClosed
P1BugJDK-80032487u10: DT does not detect FX in IE Igor NekrestyanovClosed
P1BugJDK-8003300build-infra: fails on solaris when objcopy is not foundErik JoelssonClosed
P1BackportJDK-8003446Javafx applications fails to load using 7u10 co-bundle on IE browserDmitry CherepanovClosed
P1BugJDK-8004229build-infra: Umbrella for switch of default "make" to new makefilesKelly OhairClosed
P1BugJDK-8004491Build breakage on Linux due to 8004188Alan BatemanClosed
P1BugJDK-8004859Graphics.getClipBounds/getClip return difference nonequivalent bounds, depending from transform.Sergey BylokhovClosed
P1BugJDK-8005137Rename to DocLint.init which overrides Plugin.initMandy ChungClosed
P1BugJDK-8005178build-infra: Dependency on libfdlibm on mac is brokenErik JoelssonClosed
P1BugJDK-8005355build-infra: Java security signing (need a top-level make target). Erik JoelssonClosed
P1BugJDK-8005369jdk8-newmake for windows has incorrect file permissions for msvcr100.dllChristine LuClosed
P1BugJDK-80053703.0 4-run_test jobs solaris-amd64 and sparcv9 overlays failing silentlyChristine LuClosed sets DATE_WHEN_GENERATED to empty string on Solaris version 11 or laterTim BellClosed
P1BackportJDK-8005514Jvm crashed during coherence exabus (tmb) testingBengt RutissonClosed
P1BugJDK-8005532build-infra: Set ANT_HOME to avoid rpm installed ant to interfere with deploy repoErik JoelssonClosed
P1BugJDK-8005548build-infra: Fix docs target on windowsErik JoelssonClosed
P1BugJDK-8005549build-infra: Merge NewMakefile.gmk and common/makefiles/MakefileErik JoelssonClosed
P1BugJDK-8005575build-infra: Three JCK tests fails on Solaris with new RE Autoconf-Based buildErik JoelssonClosed
P1BugJDK-8005635build-infra: Support building install in jprtErik JoelssonClosed
P1BugJDK-8005654build-infra: Create sec-bin.zipErik JoelssonClosed
P1BugJDK-8005692build-infra: Target "all" should do the right thingErik JoelssonClosed
P1BugJDK-8005961broken build - new file missing in puhs of 8004505Andy HerrickClosed
P1BugJDK-8005967broken build - new abstract method in Plugin2Manager not implemented in TestPlugin2ManagerAndy HerrickClosed
P1BugJDK-8006100build-infra: Bundle up the correct images in jprtErik JoelssonClosed
P1BugJDK-8006253The third party license files in JDK 8 EA has JDK 7 in the headerJeff DinkinsResolved
P1BackportJDK-8006418JComboBox.showPopup(), hidePopup() fails in JRE 1.7 on OS XAnton LitvinovClosed
P1BugJDK-8006797build-infra JPRT builds need JPRT_ARCHIVE_INSTALL_BUNDLE in common/makefiles/Jprt.gmkTim BellClosed
P1BugJDK-8006813Compilation error in PKCS12KeyStore.javaSean MullanClosed
P1BugJDK-8006831build-infra: Don't require --with-gcc29-compiler-kit for linux_x64Erik JoelssonClosed
P1BugJDK-8006846[install] pack200 fails with assertion errorKumar SrinivasanClosed
P1BugJDK-8006962build-infra: bundles are missingChristine LuClosed
P1BugJDK-8007050JDK8 nightly: Unsigned applet/applications are blocked by dialog with wierd message "Eggs are not supposed to green"Mark HoweClosed
P1BugJDK-8007060Primitive wrap filter throws ClassCastException in test262parallelHannes WallnoeferClosed
P1Sub-taskJDK-8007082build-infra: Create configure param to point to debug image.Erik JoelssonResolved
P1BackportJDK-8007106unsigned security dialog shows up lateAndy HerrickClosed
P1BackportJDK-8007194Null pointer in DefaultMethods::generate_default_methods when merging annotationsStefan KarlssonClosed
P1BackportJDK-8007210compiler/7196199 test failed on OS X since 8b54, jdk7u12b01Vladimir KozlovClosed
P1BugJDK-8007309tl nightly build of type-annotations on windown have been failingChristine LuClosed
P1BackportJDK-8007645Media Names on Java Print Do Not Match the Printer’s and Confuse UsersAnton LitvinovClosed
P1BugJDK-8007789Wrong directory structure in b45e-pit/jdk8-pro-stg/binaries/windows-i586/Tristan YanClosed
P1BugJDK-8008349JDK8 tl nightly (new build system), macosx-x86_64 build should not contain file that starts with ._Christine LuClosed
P1BugJDK-8008355REGRESSION: jdk8 TL nightly build no longer do boot cycle buildsChristine LuClosed
P1BugJDK-8008432lambda nightly build 2013-02-18, solaris-sparcv9 and solaris-amd64 are not 64bit jdkChristine LuClosed
P1BugJDK-8008433JDK8 TL nightly build 2013-02-18, solaris-sparcv9 and solaris-amd64 are not 64bit jdkChristine LuClosed
P1BugJDK-8008913tl nightly sync script should moved back to 1-prebuildChristine LuClosed
P1BugJDK-8008977profiles build broken by Nashorn build changesAlan BatemanClosed
P1BugJDK-8009019Updates to required for 8008914Tim BellClosed
P1BugJDK-8009030tl nightly type-annot builds are partially completed or missingChristine LuResolved
P1BugJDK-8009529Fix for 8006988 missed closed configure changesDavid HolmesClosed
P1EnhancementJDK-8009701Move javafxpackager nroff man page from javafx to jdk man page areaAlexey ZhebelResolved
P1BackportJDK-8009839Multiple applets used different VMs/session keystore and classloader caching issues with latest 7u21 nightly buildVictor DrozdovClosed
P1BackportJDK-8009840cannot load jnlp applets with IE on windowsThomas NgClosed
P1BugJDK-8010215enable nightly jsr308 testing with no check for source code changesChristine LuClosed
P1BackportJDK-8010341@Contended fails with classes having static fieldsColeen PhillimoreClosed
P1BugJDK-8011087need clean-up, disk space issues on sc14160133_vjdk7b-lin-i586Christine LuClosed can fail if sh is not bashMichael DuigouClosed
P1BugJDK-8011720Hudson crashes from yesterday caused nightly build failuresChristine LuClosed
P1BugJDK-8011805Update class file reading/writing support to include the new constant pool entries (including invokedynamic) Robert FieldClosed
P1BugJDK-8012343Objects.requireNonNull(Object,Supplier) breaks genstubs buildChris HegartyClosed
P1BackportJDK-8013161[REGRESSION] In security warning dialog for ext jnlp in mixed code scenarios, The "Run" button became "Install" since 7u25-b06.Andy HerrickClosed
P1BackportJDK-8013682'assert(nbits == 32 || (-(1 << nbits-1) <= x && x < ( 1 << nbits-1))) failed: value out of range' in interpreter initializationJiangli ZhouClosed
P1BackportJDK-8013685guarantee(this->is8bit(imm8)) failed: Short forward jump exceeds 8-bit offsetJiangli ZhouClosed
P1BackportJDK-8014177vm/runtime/simpleThresholdPolicy.cpp: assert(mcs != NULL)Jiangli ZhouClosed
P1BugJDK-8014883java.awt.container.add(component comp object constraints) doesn't work as expected on some linux platformsPhilip RaceClosed
P1BugJDK-8014923RE path name change for lambda build removed jdk8; put it back.Christine LuClosed
P1BugJDK-8016912java web start fails to launch in mac 10.7.x with jre 8 build 91 onwardsDavid DehavenClosed
P1BugJDK-8017210$JAVA_HOME/release file in b94 contains a printf commandErik JoelssonClosed
P1BugJDK-8017480Move copying of jfr files to closed makefileUnassignedClosed
P1EnhancementJDK-8019944Standard build directory structure of non-commercial buildsAmy WangClosed
P1BugJDK-8019951JDK8/TL 2013-07-04 nightly, no build at normal scheduled time 5pmChristine LuClosed
P1BackportJDK-8020184SIGSEGV in compiled method c8e.e.t_.getArray(Ljava/lang/Class;)[Ljava/lang/Object;Vladimir KozlovClosed
P1BugJDK-8020508Enforce reflection access restrictions on Object.bindProperties Attila SzegediClosed
P1BugJDK-8020999xjc fails with permission exception in JDK 8 b98,b99 even if -disableXmlSecurity is set Miroslav KosClosed
P1BugJDK-8021246Fix regression for 8021189Attila SzegediClosed
P1BackportJDK-8021428Regression in SAXParserImpl in 7u40 b34 (NPE)Joe WangClosed
P1BackportJDK-8021916nsk/sysdict/vm/stress/chain tests crash the VM in 'entry_frame_is_first()'Rickard BackmanClosed
P1BackportJDK-8021920Avoid crashes in WatcherThreadRickard BackmanClosed
P1BugJDK-8022120JCK test api/javax_xml/crypto/dsig/TransformService/index_ParamMethods failsSean MullanClosed
P1BugJDK-8023267Continue to have build space issues on RE machinesChristine LuClosed
P1BugJDK-8024005looks like overly failed for jdk8 tl nightly build for sparcv9Jerry ZhouClosed
P1BugJDK-8024180Incorrect handling of expression and parent scope in 'with' statementsSundararajan AthijegannathanClosed
P1BugJDK-8024398javac, compiler crashes with try with empty bodyVicente Arturo Romero ZaldivarClosed
P1BugJDK-8024605JDK8/TL 2013-09-10 nightly Core_libs_exec_script clone failed on 3 platformsTristan YanClosed
P1BugJDK-8024815jdk8-build nightly builds are failing on windows with configure: error: unrecognized options: --with-dxsdkMagnus Ihse BursieClosed
P1BugJDK-8024987Copy/paste regression since JDK8 b86Petr PchelkoClosed
P1BackportJDK-8025374G1 generates assert error messages in product buildsAleksey ShipilevClosed
P1BugJDK-8025588[macosx] Frozen AppKit thread in 7u40Petr PchelkoClosed
P1BugJDK-8025970Spurious characters in JavaCompilerJonathan GibbonsClosed
P1BugJDK-8026262NPE in SystemFlavorMap.getAllNativesForType - regression in jdk8 b110 by fix of #JDK-8024987Petr PchelkoClosed
P1BugJDK-8026421Extra files in Solaris x64/v9 bundles after 32-bit support removalKumar SrinivasanResolved
P1BugJDK-8026704Build failure with --enable-debugJonathan GibbonsClosed
P1TaskJDK-8026920Method Parameter ReflectionRaymond GallardoResolved
P1TaskJDK-8026921Allow launch of JavaFX apps similar to Java appsSharon ZakhourResolved
P1TaskJDK-8026922Access Bridge in JDK/JRE Raymond GallardoResolved
P1TaskJDK-8026923Integrate JavaFX into the JRE and JDKSharon ZakhourResolved
P1TaskJDK-8026926Update JDBC to 4.2 Ram GoyalResolved
P1BugJDK-8026966Most native libs broken on mac in jdk8/buildErik JoelssonClosed
P1BugJDK-8027020[regression] java.lang.VerifyError: Bad type on operand stackSundararajan AthijegannathanClosed
P1BugJDK-8027068Update to NewMakefile.gmk check of MAKE_VERSION broke jdk8-build nightly builds on windows, saying 3.82.90 is too lowDavid KatlemanClosed
P1BackportJDK-8027073JVM crashes with assert "assert(is_updated()) failed: must not be clear" with -XX:+PrintGCApplicationConcurrentTime in -Xcomp modeHarold SeigelClosed
P1BackportJDK-8027093JSR-292 bug: java.nio.file.Path.toString cores dumpDavid ChaseClosed
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