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P1EnhancementJDK-8155571[JVMCI] split module into and SimonIn Progress
P1BackportJDK-8175716IllegalArgumentException: jdk.tls.namedGroupsSean CoffeyResolved
P1BackportJDK-8175766Lazy initialization of ImageReader breaks rmidClaes RedestadResolved
P1BackportJDK-8176684bigapps/Weblogic12medrec fails with assert(check_call_consistency(jvms, cg)) failed: inconsistent infoVladimir IvanovResolved
P1BackportJDK-8176694Move new to hotspot/test directoryJini GeorgeResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-4671067RFE: Support for ogg/vorbis formatSergey BylokhovOpen
P2EnhancementJDK-5024011Add ability to switch VirtualMachine to read only state.UnassignedClosed
P2EnhancementJDK-5024021Add some ability to evaluate expressins in JDIUnassignedClosed
P2EnhancementJDK-6327198JVMTI Spec: field index mapping must be made clear with functionUnassignedClosed
P2BugJDK-6449023Crash in JDI test against ForceEarlyReturnDmitry SamersoffOpen
P2EnhancementJDK-6617153Show inlined frames in DTrace's jstack()Serguei SpitsynOpen
P2EnhancementJDK-6617177Provide fine-grained method-level tracing of Java methods in DTraceUnassignedClosed
P2EnhancementJDK-6969165remove char[] allocation in new String(char[] buf) if buf does not escapeTobias HartmannClosed
P2EnhancementJDK-6988512Native Resource Aware GCUnassignedOpen
P2EnhancementJDK-7044739Provide legal notice check.UnassignedOpen
P2EnhancementJDK-7154055Please add alternate signal stacks to Linux JVM for better error reportingUnassignedClosed
P2EnhancementJDK-8014364SoftReference clearing needs to improve when memory is constrainedPaul SuOpen
P2BugJDK-8015848SA: ClassWriter have to support JSR292Sharath BallalOpen
P2EnhancementJDK-8017163G1: Refactor remembered setsThomas SchatzlOpen
P2EnhancementJDK-8024553Add a system property to keep internal build data to serve properly as build identity.UnassignedClosed
P2EnhancementJDK-8027547G1 should not push already forwarded objects into the object task queue but special case themUnassignedOpen
P2EnhancementJDK-8029584Please allow \uxxxx unicode-escaping on the jvm command-line argumentsKumar SrinivasanOpen
P2EnhancementJDK-8037806Enhance to optionally add the subtrees to the top level repoUnassignedResolved
P2BugJDK-8043070nmethod::verify_interrupt_point() shouldn't enter safepointIgor VeresovOpen
P2EnhancementJDK-8060200Enabling JFR support in Java WebStartAndy HerrickOpen
P2EnhancementJDK-8074352Each of 32 and 64 bit builds need to create both 32 and 64 bit JAB DLLsUnassignedOpen
P2EnhancementJDK-8074426Add JKS support for trust settings on root certificatesVincent RyanResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8076584Parallelism used for redirty logged cards needs better control.UnassignedOpen
P2EnhancementJDK-8077237Consider free heap when composing cset for mixed gcUnassignedOpen
P2EnhancementJDK-8079128ParNewGC times doubled from Java SE 6 to Java SE 9UnassignedOpen
P2BugJDK-8081688SurvivorAlignmentInBytes tests too lenientMichail ChernovOpen
P2EnhancementJDK-8086056ParNew: auto-tune ParGCCardsPerStrideChunkTony PrintezisOpen
P2BugJDK-8132533VisualVM suite doesn't workLeonid MesnikOpen
P2BugJDK-8132849Increased stop time in cleanup phase because of single-threaded walk of thread stacks in NMethodSweeper::mark_active_nmethods()Tobias HartmannOpen
P2EnhancementJDK-8134691CommandLineFlagConstraint::AtParse is not useful and not what we needGerard ZiemskiResolved
P2BugJDK-8135224.oracle_jre_usage directory is created in user home directoryJini GeorgeOpen
P2Sub-taskJDK-8138802update compiler/jvmci/compilerToVM tests w/ the case of default interface method not overridden in implementorsDmitrij PochepkoResolved
P2Sub-taskJDK-8139130Port GTest prototype to WindowsJesper WilhelmssonClosed
P2EnhancementJDK-8140466ChaCha20 and Poly1305 CipherJamil NimehIn Progress
P2EnhancementJDK-8140552ResourceObj copy ctor stack logic breaks with gcc 4.9.2 on some systemsUnassignedOpen
P2EnhancementJDK-8140760Create a README file describing how to write os specific property filesIgor IgnatyevOpen
P2EnhancementJDK-8148501Upgrade NSS library used in tests to 3.27.*John JiangIn Progress intermittently failsSrikanth AdayapalamOpen
P2EnhancementJDK-8152723Large eden prevents collecting the old gen due to too conservative estimation of eden live bytesUnassignedOpen
P2EnhancementJDK-8156534Check if range checks can be moved into Java wrapper for intrinsicsTobias HartmannOpen
P2EnhancementJDK-8161683[testconf] add batches w/ extra options for JSR292 related testsIgor IgnatyevOpen
P2EnhancementJDK-8162875Remove deprecated security APIs that are marked for removalSean MullanOpen
P2BugJDK-8168445make pd_get_top_frame_for_profiling more robustDean LongOpen
P2BugJDK-8169641java/lang/annotation/Missing/ Expected exception not thrownColeen PhillimoreClosed
P2EnhancementJDK-8172670AOT Platform Support for Windows and Mac OS X x64Bob VandetteResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8172970TESTBUG: need test coverage for the JVMTI functions allowed in the start phaseSerguei SpitsynOpen
P2EnhancementJDK-8172987Change ConstantPool entry size from 64 bits to 32 bits Ioi LamOpen
P2BugJDK-8173421Obsolete and expired flags for JDK 10 need to be removed and related tests updatedDavid HolmesResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8174103[AOT] InitializeKlassNode should benefit from peelingIgor VeresovClosed
P2TaskJDK-8174203Enable AOT Jtreg tests on WindowsBob VandetteResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174279Improve testing for multi-version JAR file maker toolAndrey NazarovResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174282Rename jdk.crypto.token to jdk.crypto.cryptokiAnthony ScarpinoResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174288JMX RMI connector should be in its own moduleDaniel FuchsResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174294Emulate client build on platforms with reduced virtual address spaceJamsheed C MResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174306Echeneis tests doesn't work with JDK9Leonid MesnikResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174307PUnit tests failing when JDK9 is testedLeonid MesnikResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174312Remove qualified exports from java.base to java.corbaPavel RappoResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174316Get rid of the humanReadableByteCount() method in openjdk/hotspotDmitry FazunenkoResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174328ReferenceType.instances() returns unexpected number of instancesDmitry SamersoffResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174371JRE9b153 Plugin can not be installed in firefox browser on OEL7.Crystal YangResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174379Applets exit after a short idle time on MacAlexander MatveevResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174384CatalogManager.catalogResolver should not fail when non-existing URI is passed to itDaniel FuchsResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174392AArch64: Fix minimum stack size computationsAndrew DinnResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174406C2: anti dependence missed because store hidden by membarMartin DoerrResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174420[AOT] Fix unverified entry pointIgor VeresovResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174421C2: Bytecode escape analyzer crashes due to stack overflowZoltan MajoResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174429 Internal Error: gc/g1/ptrQueue.hpp:126 assert(_index == _sz) failed: invariant: queues are empty when activatedAlexander HarlapResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174437Backout JDK-8172990 changes.Vladimir KozlovResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174438OSR compilation at unreachable bci causes C1 crashTobias HartmannResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174443VM no longer prints "Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: " messageDaniel DaughertyResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174445Fix timing bug in JVM management of package export listsHarold SeigelResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174447Assert fails in deoptimization due to original PC at the end of code sectionZoltan MajoResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174450EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION running VirtualObjectDebugInfoTest.javaTom RodriguezResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174453[BACKOUT] 8087341: C2 doesn't optimize redundant memory operations with G1Tobias HartmannResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174454Anti-dependency on membar causes crash in register allocator due to invalid instruction schedulingTobias HartmannResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174457[AOT] Failed compilation: java.math.MutableBigInteger.divide3n2nGilles DuboscqResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174458AArch64: assertion failure: the int pressure is incorrectNingsheng JianResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174481NPE when --add-modules java.corba is usedJan LahodaResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174483Error compiling javafx modules after fix for JDK-8169197Jan LahodaResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174484Compilation significantly slower after JDK-8169197Jan LahodaResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174487tools/javac/classreader/ fails on WindowsJonathan GibbonsResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174495javac throws exception during compilation when annotation processing is enabledJan LahodaResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174497javadoc search doesn't work on local doc bundlesBhavesh PatelResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174499Javadoc fix 8166175 results in test failuresBhavesh PatelResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174502ModuleElement should declare and provide appropriate modifiersJonathan GibbonsResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174504jshell tool: store history on fatal exitRobert FieldResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174513problem generating JavaFX docsBhavesh PatelResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174516Javac doesn't report errors on duplicate provides with different service implementationsJonathan GibbonsResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174521jshell tool: ctrl-C when in external editor aborts jshell -- history lostJan LahodaResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174524JShell: less-than causes: reached end of file while parsingRobert FieldResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174525JShell: control characters should be escaped in String valuesRobert FieldResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174526javac: 'opens' statement cannot specify non observable packageJonathan GibbonsResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174557Add failing java/bean tests in JDK-8173082 to the ProblemListSean MullanResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174558java/bean/* tests fail since change of JDK-8055206Sean MullanResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174565Test JFR in a modularized environmentErik GahlinResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174568Disable JAVA_OPTIONS env variable support until JDK-8173712 is resolvedMandy ChungResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174588Is able to set a negative j.u.Vector size in JDK9 b151Doug LeaResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174594tools/launcher/ doesn't report names of tools which failed checksDmitry FazunenkoResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174599Remove forRemoval=true from several deprecated security APIsSean MullanResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174625VarHandle usages in LockSupport and ThreadLocalRandom result in circularity issuesPaul SandozResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174629Upgrade harfbuzz in JDK 9 to v1.4.1Philip RaceResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174632jmod files are not world-readableMandy ChungResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174638Custom system class loader + security manager + malformed policy file = recursive initializationAdam PetcherResolved
P2BackportJDK-81746394096 is not supported yet for the DH Parameter GeneratorXue-Lei FanResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174647Examine UIDefaults::addResourceBundle(String bundleName) with resource encapsulationSergey BylokhovResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174656Two "Direct Clip" threads are created to play the same "AudioClip" object, what makes clip sound corruptedAnton LitvinovResolved
P2BackportJDK-8174667osName/osArch/osVersion is missing in ModuleDescriptor created by SystemModules Mandy ChungResolved
P2BugJDK-8175342assert(InstanceKlass::cast(k)->is_initialized()) failed: need to increase java_thread_min_stack_allowed calculationChris PlummerResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175580Remove non-standard jdk.desktop module from JDK9Philip RaceResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175584Module system implementation refresh (2/2017)Alan BatemanResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175591Revamped JCP: Usability Issues with Update TabVivek RaoResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175603Revamped JCP: Advanced-Network Tab Voiceover/JAWS issuesVivek RaoResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175608Popups are not rendered for FX applets running on MacAlexander MatveevResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175612DT(deployJava.js) fails to load applet in FF or Safari on Linux or MacVictor DrozdovResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175618March 5 builds failed on Windows/install repo after JDK-8173207Xueming ShenResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175624Fix denyAfter and usage types for security propertiesAnthony ScarpinoResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175627Merge javac -Xmodule into javac--patch-moduleJan LahodaResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175629Regression in XML Transform caused by JDK-8087303 Frank YuanResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175636Race when building java.base.jmodErik JoelssonResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175643Capture build-time parameters to --generate-jli-classesClaes RedestadResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175646Update JAX-WS RI integration to latest versionAleksej EfimovResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175647Wrong assert whether all remembered set entries have been iterated over in presence of coarseningsThomas SchatzlResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175648AArch64: C1 comparisons with null only use 32-bit instructionsAndrew HaleyResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175650heapdump/JMapHeapCore fails with java.lang.RuntimeException: Heap segment size overflow.Jini GeorgeResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175655C1: NPE is thrown instead of LinkageError when accessing inaccessible field on NULL receiverTobias HartmannResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175663Investigate SymbolTable in SAXParserAleksej EfimovResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175664Multiple jaxp tests failing across platformsFrank YuanResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175668JShell: reduce memory leaksRobert FieldResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175669JShell API: not patch compatibleRobert FieldResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175670jshell tool: /methods signature confusing/non-standard formatRobert FieldResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175671jshell tool: /method /type failed declaration listed (without indication)Robert FieldResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175672jshell tool: --startup PRINTING references undeclared Locale classRobert FieldResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175683jshell tool: invalid module path crashes toolRobert FieldResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175684jshell tool: regression user home (tilde) not translatedRobert FieldResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175693incorrect error message for nested service providerVicente Arturo Romero ZaldivarResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175695Javadoc fails on JDK 7 and JDK 8 sources with StringIndexOutOfBoundsExceptionKumar SrinivasanResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175699JavaCompiler.CompilationTask should support addModulesJonathan GibbonsResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175700javadoc crashes with a method which does not override a super.Kumar SrinivasanResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175706JavacTrees should use Types.skipTypeVars() to get the upper bound of type variablesVicente Arturo Romero ZaldivarResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175710Service.<init> fails with SecurityException, not granted NetPermission("getProxySelector")Lance AndersenResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175713Re-examine if Activatable object can be created from non-public class and/or constructorStuart MarksResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175714Rename JAVA_OPTIONS environment variable to JDK_JAVA_OPTIONSMandy ChungResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175717StackWalker.walk throws InternalError if called from a constructor invoked through reflection.Daniel FuchsResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175724Test failures after JDK-8033076Dan SmithResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175731jimage extract to readonly directory causes MissingResourceExceptionDenis KononenkoResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175733CUPS Printing is broken with Ubuntu 16.10 (CUPS 2.2)Prasanta SadhukhanResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175739RuntimeException: Module m's descriptor returns inconsistent package setMandy ChungResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175753jimage fails with IAE when attempts to inspect an empty fileDenis KononenkoResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175758URLClassLoader no longer uses custom URLStreamHandler for jar URLsPaul SandozResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175762ImageReader is not thread-safeClaes RedestadResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175764improve error message shown when main class can't be loadedVicente Arturo Romero ZaldivarResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175774HiDPI (Windows): Swing components have incorrect sizes after changing display resolutionAlexander ScherbatiyResolved
P2BackportJDK-8175776[macosx] Arabic character cannot be rendered on MacOS XPrasanta SadhukhanResolved
P2BugJDK-8175791Test compiler/aot/ fails in JPRT for jdk10/hsBob VandetteOpen
P2Sub-taskJDK-8175815Quarantine AOT tests on windowsRickard BackmanResolved
P2TaskJDK-8176316Change JavaFX release version to 10Kevin RushforthResolved
P2BugJDK-8176403[TESTBUG] gc/arguments/TestSmallInitialHeapWithLargePageAndNUMA is referencing no longer existing groupSangheon KimClosed
P2BackportJDK-8176449Java Control Panel for JDK 9 links to JDK 8 docVivek RaoResolved
P2BugJDK-8176577Anonymous class instance creation expression with diamond compatibility constraint is reduced to anonymous class typeSrikanth AdayapalamOpen
P2BugJDK-8176580[ppc, s390] CRC32C: wrong checksum result in some casesLucy SchmidtIn Progress
P2BackportJDK-8176597Event metadata not cleared when event class is unloaded or unregisteredErik GahlinResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176609New cygwin grep does not match \r as newlineErik JoelssonResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176618Race in GenerateLinkOptData.gmkErik JoelssonResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176627Javac fails to find if module source path contains symlinksKumar SrinivasanResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176628field JCVariableDecl.vartype can't be null after post attribution analysisVicente Arturo Romero ZaldivarResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176629JShell: crash on tab-complete with NPE.Robert FieldResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176633JShell tool: The /reset command hangs after setting a startup scriptRobert FieldResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176634JShell tests: on full builds CompletionSuggestionTest.testImportStart() failsRobert FieldResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176638Manifest checking throws exception with no entryAnthony ScarpinoResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176639jimage fails with StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when path to the inspected image is an empty stringClaes RedestadResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176647jlink and `requires static`Mandy ChungResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176656jexec fails to execute simple helloworld.jarMatthias BaeskenResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176663[JCP] [Mac]Cannot launch JCP on Mac os with language set to "Chinese, Simplified" while region is not ChinaNaoto SatoResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176665keytool should print out warnings when reading or generating cert/cert req using weak algorithmsWeijun WangResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176668Crash during deoptimization with "assert(result == __null || result->is_oop()) failed: must be oop"Tobias HartmannResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176673C2: Access to [].clone from interfaces failsJamsheed C MResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176679Code heap corruption due to incorrect inclusion testZoltan MajoResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176680C1: Inlining through MH invokers/linkers in unreachable code is unsafeVladimir IvanovResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176685JVMTI spec: GetCurrentThread may return NULL in the early start phaseSerguei SpitsynResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176689develop tests to check that CompilerToVM::isMature state is consistence w/ reprofileDmitrij PochepkoResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176690improve tests for CompilerToVM::MaterializeVirtualObjectTestDmitrij PochepkoResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176691[JVMCI] jaotc is broken in Xcomp modeDouglas SimonResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176693G1 Needs pre barrier on dereference of weak JNI handlesKim BarrettResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176697[BACKOUT] fix for JDK-8166188Daniel DaughertyResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176699[AOT] jaotc does not accept file name with .classVladimir KozlovResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176700[AOT] Fix after module renamingIgor VeresovResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176701JVM should throw NoClassDefFoundError if ACC_MODULE is set in access_flagsHarold SeigelResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176704Stack traversal during OSR migration asserts with invalid bci or invalid scope desc on x86Markus GrönlundResolved
P2BugJDK-8176830JDK 9 dependencys in JREInfo and JfxRuntimeAndy HerrickResolved
P2BugJDK-8176887AOT: SIGSEGV in AOTCodeHeap::next when using specific configurationOleg PlissOpen
P2BugJDK-8176888AOT: SIGSEGV in frame InetAddressHolder.getHostNameOleg PlissOpen
P2BugJDK-8176889AOT: aot compilation hangs while compiling jdk.localedata moduleJamsheed C MIn Progress
P2EnhancementJDK-8176902FX Robot to support operation completion (sync)David HillIn Progress
P2BackportJDK-8176906rpath macro needs to use an argument on macosxDavid DehavenResolved
P2BackportJDK-8176911Incorrect expiration date for JDK 9 EA build 155Alexander MatveevResolved
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